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Gassy at work, ratted out by my chair.

Has anyone here ever farted in a cushy leather executive chair while sitting at your desk?  If so, did it announce your deed to the entire world??

I'm 20 weeks, and suffice to say, I'm excessively gassy!  I am however blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home a majority of the time, so I have been letting things fly as needed without worry.  So about an hour ago, I'm in my home office in the middle of a video teleconference and what did I do? Yep, fart in my big leather desk chair... It sounded deep and bassy in the thick seat, but definitely audible to my peers on the other end of the screen.  Laughter ensued, while I was totally mortified! Oh well, the joys of pregnancy.  It'll make a funny story one day!
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Re: Gassy at work, ratted out by my chair.

  • Haha, I've never been a cheek lifter, but I'll keep that in mind! ;-)
  • :)) oh man!

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  • LOL!!
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  • Lol at least you can laugh it off!!
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  • Lol! Love this story. I've been pretty gassy myself and have been so afraid my co-workers will hear if i let one go at work. :\">
  • Do you have a leather chair at your desk too? Lol!  What I've been finding out is that for the most part, people are pretty understanding... So when it happens, it'll be ok :-)
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