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D&C Wednesday and now pouring blood

Help, is this normal. Cramps bad. Thought id ask before calling the doc.

Re: D&C Wednesday and now pouring blood

  • Kind of depends on how much you're bleeding. If you are going through more than a pad an hour , that is concerning and you should call your doctor or go to the ER. I bled heavily for about 5 days after my D&C but it was not more than what a heavy period would be and never soaked through a pad. If you are concerned please call your doctor, that is why they are there.
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  • Same comment as @ctk181‌, my discharge papers said if it was necessary to use more than one pad an hour call the doc. I had pain as well and took the drugs they have me day one, but Tylenol day 2. Good luck!
  • Thank you. Bled through the first pad in an hour. Giving it one more hour and if it doesn't let up I'm headed in... I just didn't think this would happen 4 days later?!
  • I had heavy bleeding for days after my d&c.  The third day after is when my bleeding was heaviest, when I gushed and bled all over my bed.  The doctor on-call prescribed me a med to help my uterus contract faster, and that made my bleeding stop.  It's scary to see so much blood coming out.  Keep us posted.
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  • I'm having some contractions now too. Gonna call the doc in the morning and see what he wants me to do. Thinking I'm being a little paranoid and that it's normal... Just didn't happen this way my first D&C. Thanks for sharing your experience, makes me feel sane. :)
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