Painful sex post c-section?

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I read today that painful intercourse is equally as common post c-section as it is post vaginal delivery, but it didn't elaborate on why sex hurts after a c-section. If that's true for you, why do you think it hurt?

Painful sex post c-section? 75 votes

Yes, sex hurt after my c-section.
57% 43 votes
No, I did not have painful sex after my c-section.
42% 32 votes

Re: Painful sex post c-section?

  • I would recommend the use of lube though, things tend to be quite dry for awhile; especially if your breastfeed. 
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  • So the pain is caused by dryness only, unrelated to the surgery?
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  • I had some discomfort unrelated to dryness. I don't think it was related to the csection either though. I did get fully dilated and pushed before my csection so I am blaming it on that.
  • econmama said:

    Things are very dry, especially if you BF.

    This, have some lube ready.

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  • My pain was vaginal, not incision related. Ditto what PP said - I was majorly dry, which I think caused the pain. It hurt the first few times. Take it slowly and stock up on lube.
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  • I experienced no pain when my husband and I jumped back into the sack (I am 7 weeks pp now and FF). First, we followed doc's orders and did nothing for the first six weeks. I have luckily had no issues with dryness, but of course, lube is always recommended if you need it. The only side effect I have had is a very mild soreness in one tiny spot along my incision, but this is a spot that has bothered me if I stretch too much, so it was expected. Just be open and communicate with your partner what you need! I hope he's attentive and moves at your pace. :) Good luck~
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    Well you go an extended time of bleeding which can dry things out from hormones

    You go 6-8 weeks with no sex

    It's scary

    Just bc you have a C doesn't mean you don't dilate or get vaginal swelling after birth

    Your uterus is still required to contract back into position which takes the same amount of time

    C-sections are not vaginal shortcuts. Your body still reacts very much the same way
  • I have to say for me, sex post CS was not at all painful compared to after my vaginal with episiotomy. It literally took us 5-6 failed attempts post vaginal delivery (yes open communication with DH is critical), but we had no issues after both of my CS.  Agree with PPs about the lube though if you are BF.

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  • I felt like things had closed up in there and that my husband was pushing on something he shouldn't have been.  Honestly almost felt like the first couple times when I was a virgin.  I did some reading and found that it was completely normal with c-sections.  We used some lube and just kept at it ever couple days and after a week or two it was back to normal and good to go.
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