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2nd Trimester

Any moms to be not feeling pregnant anymore?

hello everyone!

I'm currently 23 weeks 4 days. And recently have felt not pregnant. I had a infection a week ago which I was given antibiotics for. I was constantly throwing up because the medicine was not agreeing with me. But I was forced to stay on them. Just 3 days ago I feel as though all my symptoms are gone. I don't even have any pains like I always have. I haven't felt my baby move in 3 days as well. I had a miscarriage back in February so you can see why I'm worried. It's just strange because I was so sure and felt pregnant and now the feeling is gone. I know in pregnancy you can feel this and not have symptoms but this is just strange to me and doesn't feel right. Has anyone else had this?


  • You should really get in touch with your doc - the lack of movement is definitely a concern, although at 23 weeks the baby is still small enough to shift around all over the place and placental position can play a role, but really, better to put your mind at rest and talk to the doc.

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