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If breast feeding when will you introduce pacifier

Hi ladies this is my 3rd and with each kid it's been so different. DD was given a pacifier at the hospital but I had a really hard time nursing her. DS didn't take one and now with this baby were about 4 days in and nursing is going great. Any reason I should still wait to give him a pacifier? He was really fussy last night in between feedings and I thought that might help? Thanks!
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Re: If breast feeding when will you introduce pacifier

  • We introduced a pacifier in the first week and didn't have any problems with nursing.

  • Lo is 2 weeks old and still have not introduced it. Is there a reason to?
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    We took ours away while we were having issues in the beginning. Once our BF relationship was well established we started reintroducing it. It took some time for her to even want it. I think she started taking it consistently around 8 weeks or so. She was just very picky about which ones she preferred before then. I think if you're still having any issues then you should wait. Otherwise there's no reason you can't start giving it back.
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    i agree...  our girl was given one at hospital but she didnt want it...  she is 3 weeks and hasnt had one even during fussy times

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  • DD has had a soother since day 2 or 3 and we have never had an issue BFing. She loves to suck, so I can't imagine life without a soother.
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  • One of the worries with pacifiers is that if baby's need to suck is met with a paci and not with the breast, they won't be getting the nutrition they need. I think if you keep that in mind, and offer the paci after breastfeeding, you shouldn't necessarily run into paci problems. 


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  • With DD, I was having trouble with the breastfeeding the first week because she was sucking me raw.  It was painful and I dreaded every time she got hungry.  Our feedings were lasting 45-60 minutes.

    Then I saw a Lactation Consultant who asked me if I had noticed a difference between her cues for being hungry vs. needing to suck.  The fact was...even after she had finished eating, she still wanted to suck for a long time.  So we introduced a pacifier at 5 days and it's been uphill since then.  Feedings dropped to 15-20 minutes in length.  

    Moral of the story: some babies have a stronger desire to suck than others.  If your baby doesn't, don't feel like you have to introduce one.  
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  • DS is 15 days old. I started it on the second day in the hospital he never wanted it unless he was really tired bc he just wanted me as a pacifier and my nipple were hurting so bad. I use MAM pacifiers bc he can hold them in his mouth better. He usually only wants it after he's done nursing and ready to sleep.
  • We introduced paci to our baby first week. He's now 5 weeks old and there has never been any nipple confusion with bottles or breast. He doesn't really like paci, but it's great when he does take it as it soothes him once I know he's full.
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