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Fitness Check-in September 15-21

Hi ladies! Didn't see anything on here so thought I'd start the post this week!

1) Game plan for the week
2) What feels awesome / awful
3) Advice to share / questions for the group

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Re: Fitness Check-in September 15-21

  • 1) Game plan for the week

    M: Rest
    T: Yoga
    Th:Walk and Yoga
    F: Yoga
    S: Walk (around the zoo for 3 y.o. birthday)
    S: Rest

    2) What feels awesome / awful
    So I originally planned on doing PiYo this week, BUT I am taking it slow instead. I went on a 3 mi run on Sunday evening and did squats. A few hours later I had a lot of pelvic pain. It felt like I got hit in that spot. I couldn't walk like a normal person and standing up in general hurt as well. Went to bed and woke up yesterday with the same thing. Called the Dr and she said to lay off the running. :( Since I don't want to stop exercising completely and I'm feeling a little bit better today, I'll focus on yoga this week with a couple of walks.

    Feeling awesome....hmmm well my run actually did feel awesome. It was just the hours after that weren't so great. ;)

    3) Advice to share / questions for the group
    Just want to encourage everyone to keep on moving! Your body and baby will thank you for it. Those that post have really inspired me, and I encourage the lurkers to come out and post as well. This is an awesome group!
  • 1) Game plan for the week 

    M - Insanity
    W - Insanity
    F - PiYo
    S - Insanity (not sure if I'll get this in, we have our birthing class on Saturday, so this might turn into a rest day)
    Su - rest

    2) What feels awesome / awful 

    At 35 weeks, it feels awesome just to get a workout in.  Things are starting to feel A LOT more challenging than ever before, so I'm really trying to let my body take the lead.  While I can still do squats, my sciatic nerve reminds me when I'm pushing it too far.

    3) Advice to share / questions for the group 

    @JenMel21 - I had to stop running for the same thing around 15 weeks.  I miss it terribly, but so thankful I can still workout at all!  I look forward to getting back into it (already signed up for my first postpardum race) and just trying to enjoy the break.
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  • @JudyBlume14 - Enjoy your time! I think I may have to take walks to get ice cream too! That sounds like an excellent plan. :)

    @JETH119 - Yeah I always feel so great after running. It's my stress relief and right now I REALLY need it. :( Oh well. I'll just have to switch to walks.

    @criscbish - Thanks. Yeah I tried wrapping it to support and it felt great during the run. I'm 33 weeks now so maybe it's just time. The belly I guess is just sticking out too much haha. I was just really enjoying my little running route, but it isn't going anywhere so I'll enjoy it after the baby is here too.
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