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Who's packed????

Is your hospital bag packed? What's in it?
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Re: Who's packed????

  • Not yet, but soon. Last time I brought way too much. I hardly used anything I packed. 
    Audrey is going to be a big sister!

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    mamatohne[Deleted User]jibell
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  • I started, but haven't done much. A lot I can't pack till last minute.
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  • I haven't begun. But I did just order a new bathrobe that I can take with me :)

    I need to start getting other things set up before getting to the hospital bag. We haven't done anything yet with getting the baby stuff out and ready.
    silverwings72[Deleted User]
  • wildflower75wildflower75 member
    edited September 2014
    I have packing my bag scheduled on my calendar for Oct 25. That being said, I made a spreadsheet of everything I will be taking back in April or May! I take a big suitcase because I'm having a RCS and I'll be in the hospital for 4 days. Plus I take a nice big plush towel, bath robe, my own pillow and throw and Boppy (those things alone take a lot of space)... I'm happy to share my whole list but think it would be too long to post...LOL
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  • DD was 3 weeks early, so I think I'll make sure to be packed by 32-33 weeks or so, I've got some time!

    I don't bring anything for the baby except a going home outfit and blanket for the car seat.

    I like wearing my own clothes POST DELIVERY, so for the 2 days of recovery or so I'll bring my own nursing tops/nightgowns/robes. Yoga pants and a comfy top to go home in, sandals for the shower, my own toiletries and makeup. 

    I liked using the Boppy to sit on for the ride home (I tore badly). I don't bring my own sheets or pillows though, too germy in those hospitals IMHO.

    I brought tons of snacks and things to do last time and didn't use any of it. DH just got food from restaurants and I was too sick to eat or do anything. I will bring my iPad, good for keeping up with emails, etc.
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    silverwings72Maelara[Deleted User]
  • I haven't even really thought of it yet :(.  But you ladies have things I never would've thought of (that I am now writing down)!  So keep the awesome advice flowing!
    Maelarasmboswell1Autumnsnow[Deleted User]
  • I haven't made a list because I'm still SO undecided about what to bring! I'll be asking if the midwifery center provides any type of gowns or has anything they send you home with (4-6 hours after LO arrives!!!!) at my appointment on Wednesday to help get me started.

    I'm trying to figure out what would work well for possible laboring and/or delivering in water and the immediate skin to skin contact but still let me keep somewhat covered up. I'm thinking a front close sports bra and/or a breathable button down shirt but I'm still trying to figure out something for the waist down. Maybe a long swim skirt with the bottom cut out? Where is the option for LO to just teleport out?!?
  • I'm traveling this weekend, so I won't pack for the hospital until after I get back from my trip and can use my suitcase/travel-sized toiletries.

    I am packing like I'm going on a weekend trip - bringing toiletries that I would typically use, plus a hairdryer (because I hate having wet hair).  I am also bringing my own towel for showering.  My hospital's towels are like the size of hand towels. I'll also pack snacks (I didn't eat them during labor but they were awesome after labor), and my ipad/camera/etc.

     I won't bring much for the baby - probably just an outfit, a blanket, and my boppy. 
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  • Dumb FTM question - does DH shower at the hospital too?  We live about 40-45 minutes from our hospital and I imagine DH is not going to want to run home every day.  Maybe he will though.




    Autumnsnow[Deleted User]Carebella
  • @missnacholover‌ my DH was not allowed to shower at the hospital. I live on a different country completely though, so it might be different for you. I would ask your hospital.
    missnacholoverAutumnsnow[Deleted User]Carebella
  • THanks @maelara and @mb314.  I'll be sure to ask the hospital!




    MaelaraAutumnsnow[Deleted User]Carebella
  • Meh, I don't plan on starting packing until 36 weeks. Then I'll probably start a small pile (robe, comfy clothes to come home in, baby's things), but probably won't finish until after 38 weeks, because we have trip planned at 38 weeks and I will be using my bags.
    Autumnsnow[Deleted User]Carebella
  • I just made a list thanks to this post :-)  But I won't start actually packing for a few more weeks, I'll aim to have what I can packed by 37 weeks.

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  • I'm all about lists and get really antsy without them. So here it is =) Let me know what I've missed.


    ·      Birth plan

    ·      Robe

    ·      Camera, cards, batteries, charger

    ·      Glasses

    ·      Hotel slippers

    ·      Socks

    ·      Nightgowns (2)

    ·      Nursing bras

    ·      Pillow (with dark or patterned pillowcase)

    ·      Magazines, book

    ·      Toiletries

    o   Face wash

    o   Lenses, case, solution

    o   Toothbrush, toothpaste, retainer, Listerine, floss

    o   Make-up

    o   Comb & brush

    o   Shampoo & conditioner

    o   Razor

    o   Chapstick

    o   Lotion (face and hand)

    o   Face spray

    o   Deodorant

    o   Perfume

    o   Hair elastics

    o   Nipple cream & protectors

    o   Nursing pads

    ·      Hair dryer

    ·      Relaxing eye mask

    ·      Sleeping eye mask

    ·      Ear plugs

    ·     Going home clothes

    ·      Loose underwear

    ·      Notebook & pencil / pen

    ·      Garbage bag & towel in car

    ·      Yoga pants

    ·      Nursing tanks (2)

    ·      Shower shoes

    ·      Snacks

    ·      Bath towel

    ·      Extra bag for hospital give-aways

    ·      Squeeze ball for pain



    ·      Car seat

    ·      Onesie (long pants)

    ·      Cap

    ·      Socks

    ·      Receiving blankets (2)

    ·      Nail clippers & file

    ·      Blanket for ride home

    ·      Boppy



    ·      Toiletries

    ·      Flip flops / slippers

    ·      Something to sleep in

    ·      Ipad and charger

    ·      Cell phone and charger

    ·      Books, magazines, etc.

    ·      Camera, cards, batteries, charger

    ·      Change of clothes x2

    ·      Snacks

    ·      Cash / change

    ·      Eye mask

    ·      Ear plugs

    ·      Baby paperwork


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  • I thought about making a list.
    This. :D
    You're a step ahead of me.
  • I haven't even thought about this yet. I guess I should soon though. I am in total denial about how close we are to the end, so packing a bag means I will have to deal with that. I am not ready!
  • I saw this post and thought "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaap! I'm not packed and everyone else is going to say they are packed!"  But I feel better knowing almost none of us are. I did buy cute slippers with grippy stuff on the bottom to take to the hospital, and my favorite kind of hard candy. I am traveling this weekend to go to my baby shower, I think I will pack once that's over as I won't be traveling again after that.  There is a good list in the materials from my hospital about what to bring, I'm mostly planning to go by that.  We also only live 10-15 minutes away from the hospital and my parents will be staying at our house. If I really need something, I am sure they could bring it to me.
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    lil_shocker[Deleted User]Carebella
  • I know DH & I are fat because our bag is mostly full of junk food snacks lol. I've also thrown in a couple pillows, a fleece "snow suit", a sports bra, nursing pads, some pacifiers, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, chapstick, a camera, the camcorder, hair ties AND a blanket.

    Still have several things to throw in there...our bag is ginormous lol.


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    Jpinky9[Deleted User]Carebella
  • Homebirth mama, so no packing for me. But I was such a huge procrastinator with #1 and 2. My mom had to go to my place when I ended up being admitted for induction at 37w6d. My bad wasn't packed yet.

    I *think* I packed my bag around 38 weeks with my second.
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  • Packed?! I just started putting the nursery together this past weekend. The crib and the dresser. That's all I have.

    Oh boy! I'm starting to get stressed out.
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    nov 2014 

  • @howin23‌ I highly recommend taking items off of that list- as in, like half. That is going to be too much to bring and carry in and transport between L&D triage, birth room, and recovery room. And the recovery rooms aren't always very big.

    After reading that list, this is all I could think about...

    "We're off to have us a baby!!"

    Some of that stuff is just ridiculous.
    [Deleted User]Carebella
  • I haven't, but I did bring it up to DH this morning.  I don't need much, the baby doesn't need much, but DH is a heavy packer so I figure it will be mostly his stuff.  I just need something to wear home and the baby needs something to wear home, and we need the carseat.  I'm sure the hospital will have some sort of shampoo or body wash if I need to take a shower.  LOL at the list with a razor on it unless it's for the husband.  I want my bag packed before I go into labor this time, unlike with my first, so I'll aim to have it ready at 36 weeks and that should be plenty early.
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