Addison Rose (28 Weeker)

Addison turned two weeks old yesterday!! She was put on vapotherm and it is so nice to see most of her face! And even greater news, I got to hold my baby girl for the first time today! It was awesome!!! I hope to be able to kangaroo as much as possible!
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Re: Addison Rose (28 Weeker)

  • Yay kangaroo care!   Take lots and lots and lots of pictures.  You'll almost need them to remember how tiny she is later on :)  

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  • Aw congrats :) Enjoy, it's the best thing!
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  • So sweet, congratulations!!!

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  • Beautiful!
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  • That's a great picture and a beautiful baby! Enjoy the snuggles :)
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  • Missi576 said:
    Yay kangaroo care!   Take lots and lots and lots of pictures.  You'll almost need them to remember how tiny she is later on :)  
    This!! And, there are many orgs like this ( which offer complimentary NICU photographs. We actually asked our wedding photographer if she would do a shoot for us in the NICU, and we so treasure those photos. THE reminder of how far we've come!
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  • So awesome, enjoy every minute.

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  • So happy you were able to hold your baby girl!! I can't imagine waiting 2 weeks. :( The day I had to wait was hard enough.

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  • congrats! the first time you hold them is amazing. so emotional but so worth the wait!  
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