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Weaning - cross posted on breastfeeding board

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Hi ladies. I posted this on the breastfeeding board but I'm posting here too in case anyone is going or has gone through something similar.

My daughter is 17 months old. I stopped pumping when she was a year and have just nursed morning and night since then. I have been waiting for her to be done nursing. Last night and this morning she did not want to nurse. I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity and I figure that she is done. I am definitely ready to be done but have been hoping that it would be more on her terms than mine.

I am wondering what I can do to help me dry up the quickest. Is stopping cold turkey ok when I'm already down to nursing only twice a day? Everything I read seems to be about weaning from when you're nursing full-time to not nursing at all.

Thanks in advance to anybody that can give some advice.

Re: Weaning - cross posted on breastfeeding board

  • I am still nursing but only once a day. I just dropped the morning feeding altogether when I went back to work a month ago with no issues. I think I would just quit cold turkey. If you are super uncomfortable, you can hand-express a little bit in the shower or something like that, but most ladies who have quit at this stage in the game have done it cold turkey with minimal discomfort. You may consider using pads in your bra for a few days just in case if you are out and about or working or whatever.


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  • Thank you.

    I read stopping nursing can cause some pretty significant mood swings and hormone changes. Did you find that that was the case?

    I guess I'm totally selfish and asking this question, but this is the worst possible time given my work schedule and how stressful it is right now. I'm curious what I should expect.
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  • I was nursing morning and night when Warner stopped cold turkey. I didn't need to pump or wean. I was sad for a few days but nothing devastating and then was like "freeeeedoooooom!" I was very happy to have nursed as long as he wanted to (it was about 15ish months)
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  • Cavin nurses morning and night and sometimes once during the night.  I am trying to wean him but he is not highly happy about it.   So I am slowly weaning, naps and bedtime will be hardest since I always nursed him to sleep but I think if I just keep doing it slow he will adjust fine. It makes me sad though :(

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  • I weaned Raz completely at the end of 16 months but night weaning at 14. It was hard, but doable. You just have to change their routine and replace it with a new one. I implemented bath, story, prayer, lights out. If she wakes up in the middle of the night I'd offer her yogurt since she's not a fan of milk (and still do in the event it happens). Towards the latter half of my 2nd trimester my milk stopped, so she really didn't have a choice. I think the taste changed as well bc she would sometimes spit it out and make a yuck face lol. Resting up for round 2!
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