Pregnant after 35

Feeling my age now! lol

 I admit it ladies- I'm slowing down big time and am exhausted! 33 weeks, working full time (hours of walking) and caring for my family has left me wore out :)

 I am actually having a very uneventful and healthy pregnancy-which is great! But I'm feeling 43 now hahaha. I burn up all my energy at work and fall asleep by 7. I just don't have the pep in my step that I usually do. I did pretty well until a few weeks ago.

 Just ranting I guess! I'm still so thrilled that i get this chance to have one more sweetie baby. I figured us seasoned ladies here would understand how I'm feeling. It's my day off and I am making myself get up and do chores-but I do some and keep laying back down. And I'm a morning person.

 It's defenitely different than my 20's pregnancies!

Re: Feeling my age now! lol

  • I am 36 and exhausted all the time. And I don't work so I can only imagine how you must feel. Get some rest today. Those chores will be there later on. ;)
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  • I was 41 when DS was born and those last few weeks, I would lay down on the couch "for a minute" when I got home from work.  DH often came home at least an hour later to find me just waking up. 
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  • Definitely take the time to rest!  I'm 36 and most days I'm totally exhausted by 7.  I think I felt similar with my first around 33/34 weeks (I was 33 at the time), but I didn't have a toddler and dog to take care of so I could ignore our house work and go to bed whenever.  It's a balancing act, but don't feel guilty if you do nothing some days.
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  • I'm 37, FTM, and work a full time (generally stress-free) job and I'm ready for bed by 7pm every night.  I just want to sleeeeep!!!

    Oh, and I'm only 12 weeks, so I have quite a way to go! 

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  • Same here for me, 37 and utterly exhausted all the time. Working full time (stressful job) and a 1.5 commute each way. Toddler, husband and 2 dogs at home. I say we're superwomen. I'm only 13 weeks.
  •  I did have a nice mid-pregnancy, between about 16-30ish weeks-so you two ladies above might get a break soon :) 

  • Gurl! You are not alone!! 

    I am mid-pregnancy now (17 weeks) and I have a 'little' more energy than the 1st trimester, but it's MUCH different than with my other pregnancies.  With my first, I didn't have any worries...I was 25, had no kids and an uneventful pregnancy.  Then, he was 13 when I was pregnant with my second, so he was pretty self sufficient.  This go round, I'm 43 and have a 4 year old that has boundless energy!  I have enough energy to work FT, maybe cook dinner, entertain the wee one then I'm ready to be vertical!  I remember with my 2nd, the last month was hell so I am dreading that last trimester like nothing else.  As exhausted as I am now, I can't even imagine what it will be like then (where you are right now)!! 

    Just try to keep thinking "Only 5-7 weeks to go....only 5-7 weeks to go".  It can be your mantra! LOL
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  • 33 weeks, working full time (hours of walking) and caring for my family :)
    2ndGeneration, I don't think it's your age! I don't think a 25 year old would be fresh and rested with such a pace at 33 weeks!  
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