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Help please! New to the area and don't like my OB/GYN!

If anyone lives in the Fort Lauderdale area and likes their OB/GYN or can recommend a good one I could really use the help.

My OB/GYN was recommended to me by my husbands coworker but the dr is just rubbing me the wrong way. Since we don't have the same beliefs she's trying to make me feel guilty for all of my opinions. She wanted to perform risky tests and when I told her I didn't want to do advanced screening she forced me to. She also doesn't give you the time of day and she's rough! When I had my initial appt with her she was not gentle doing an internal exam and I'm not sure I want to be man handled after giving birth.

Re: Help please! New to the area and don't like my OB/GYN!

  • I go to Dr.Boland at Royal Palm obgyn. From first look at waiting room I was skeptical but I LOVE her. I have had many doctors but she is the first one that I have had that listens!!
  • I go to global obgyn. There are a lot of doctors and a midwife to choose from. There is an office on Johnson st in hollywood an office in Pembroke Pines and one in Weston. I went to the office in Pembroke Pines with my first child and saw dr swineford who is a male doctor who I liked a lot. And this time around in hollywood, cause it's closer, I see a midwife who is young and real sweet named Lauren. Also when u want to find out gender of baby. There is a place on commercial called picture perfect 4d and u can find out at 15 weeks and see the baby 3d and it only costs 39$ !
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  • I go here:  My doctor is Dr. Tracy Burton. She's very laid back and nice.  The office I go to is in Boca. There are also several other doctors and midwives. Good luck, I hope you find someone you like soon!
  • I go to global obgyn love them I delivered at Memorial West hospital love that hospital i had both my boys with them they were so good that with my first son i drove from coral springs to Pembroke pine to see the doctors and while i was in labor with my 2nd i ended
    Up moving by that way anyways i like them alot an love the hospital even more thats the only hospital i go to the obgyn # is 954-430-7777
  • Not sure if you're still looking, but Dr. Sam from Elite Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the best things to ever happen to me. She couldn't have been more accessible to me throughout the whole pregnancy and she was always willing to go above and beyond to help.
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  • I go to Dr Jennifer Harper at Holy Cross. My husband and I feel so comfortable with her.
  • Don't know if you found an obgyn or not, but I'm a FTM and have been going to Dr Barbara Noel since 2008, way before being married.

    She is just amazing. She is so tailored to each patient, personalizing her care.

    Her staff are really diverse and different so the office fits everyone.

    She is so calm, sweetly-spoken and has phenomenal office policies. You can get in quickly to see her, despite high volume, BC of the way she conducts her practice.

    She is just an amazing woman and physician!
  • I got Dr eric rothschild I used him for my 1st baby too he's awesome. He's In hollywood
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