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Bob Revolution Duallie or City Mini GT Double

Hi everyone! I've been reading through pages of posts here and on the 2U2 board, and would love some opinions. My second will be due about 10 days after DS turns 2 (unless baby decides to come early, you never know). So I'm looking for a double stroller that I can use a lot: walks around the neighborhood, to the park, maybe even the mall. I prefer side-by-side since DS kept kicking the other seat when we test drove tandem strollers at BBB. I like the all terrain wheels on the City  Mini GT Double and the Bob Revolution Duallie, and I would assume those strollers will last a few years until DS outgrows it. 

Do you own one of these? Do you have an opinion on them?
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Re: Bob Revolution Duallie or City Mini GT Double

  • For what you are describing as your typical usage, the city mini gt would be perfect. It's lighter than the bob and folds much easier and more compact than the bob.
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  • It depends on your comfort, do u have a lot of room in your trunk? Which fits best in your trunk etc.
    I have used the bob with 2 kids (when I was a nanny) and I really liked it. I love how it was so easy to push with the different weight.
    I also like how easy it was. Granted it is a big stroller but I have an suv so it wasn't an issue. I didn't find it too heavy since it's not that hard to put into the trunk.
    I liked the bob so much that I bought the single one for our LO that's due in a few days!
  • If you are not going to use the BOB for jogging, no need to get it.  The City Mini GT will work perfectly.
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  • Thanks everyone! With my Prius, the trunk isn't as big as an SUV, so I was just barely able to fit the city mini gt with the car seat adapter installed. I couldn't quite fit the bob, so I guess that also makes my decision easier :) (I made another BBB run today to try out those two with my toddler in tow)
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  • I love love love love my Duallie. It glides so easy even with the added weight of another child. We also love how easy it off roads if we are in the grass, etc. I do not use if for jogging either. I would see if you can fit it easily into your trunk. I know it fits fine in my accord.

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