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Vent: Third u/s on Thursday

With my DD I was diagnosed with shortening cervix at 29 weeks, was put on strict bed rest for 7 weeks, then she was born at 37 weeks.  I spoke with my OB yesterday to set up my 10 week appointment and blood draws and all that and told her I've been having spotting off and on, which seems par for the course for my body, so I wasn't alarmed. Well she immediately set up another u/s on Thursday to check on everything, which made me immediately anxious. This will be my 3rd and I'm not even 9 weeks along yet! This time around my OB is being very cautious (a good thing) but all these appointments are not easy to get to, especially with a 23 month old and because they are 30 minutes away (bad things). I'm not complaining that she cares, because I am very thankful that this is my problem and not that she's brushing me off. I'm sure she's going to send me back to the RE for cervix checks every 2 weeks at some point. Super fun times.

Thanks for listening, I just needed to vent. It's hard feeling so blessed, scared, and yet annoyed at the same time. If you read all of this you deserve a cookie. Oh and I'll give you another cookie if you keep your fingers crossed on Thursday for me! :o)


Re: Vent: Third u/s on Thursday

  • Crossing my fingers for you! Try to look on the bright side that you have a caring doctor. I know it's hard having to drag young ones out on a little trip but it's all in the baby's best interest!

    Ps I'm not picky on cookie flavors. I like them all :)

  • Just think of it as more opportunities to see your little baby that others don't get. :) My fingers are crossed for you!
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  • Ts &Ps for you. Oh and I'm going to eat all your cookies. Nom nom
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  • I had 3 by 7 weeks due to a lot of red bleeding the entire time. It's almost frustrating what with the hassle of getting there, being probed, etc but also reassuring. Good luck at your appt!
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  • Good luck! Better to have a doctor want to help and not ignore your issue. Its all for the well-being of your baby!

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  • Good luck and just think of it as seeing your LO again!


  • Thanks girls :)

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