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Crying at bedtime

I guess I didn't really think this was weird until my IRL friend was surprised by it. R loves her bedtime routine, and is happy and sleepy up until we say goodnight and shut her door. She then has a look of total despair, and cries for less than a minute, but will sometimes whine for a couple minutes. This has gone on for months. Is it weird? Anyone else's LOs devastated at bedtime?
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Re: Crying at bedtime

  • Not terribly weird.  Probably just her routine, especially if it's every night and she settles down after a few minutes.  We all have weird little tics about us.  No biggie! :)


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  • I think a minute of crying and some fussing is normal. 


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  • Completely normal. K goes in and out of phases of this. We just kiss her good night, try to cover her, though she usually just stands back up, and leave the room with a night night. She settles herself within the minute and is zonked out. I think it's just a plea to delay bedtime, the same way she keeps trying to get one more book read out of us. 

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