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Which NYC Hospital?

Hi ladies :) 

I'm 6 weeks pregnant after ttc for about a year. I need to schedule an initial appointment with an OB, but don't really want to see my current one, and want to choose one based on the hospital I will hopefully be delivering at. 

I'm looking at Presbyterian, NYU Langone, Mt. Sinai, and Beth Israel, based on rankings. I'd like to get a private room.  Do you have any feedback on these hospitals, or any others I should consider that I haven't? 

Did you do a maternity ward tour before settling 100% on your OB? 

Thank you! 

Re: Which NYC Hospital?

  • Hello
    Yeah!  You must be excited!  Such happy news!
    I am a cert doula and cert childbirth educator and have been pretty much at all the hospitals at this point.  I think the best approach it to find a doctor that you are comfortable with more then the hospital, with the one exception of wanting to birth at the birth center, Saint Lukes Roosevelt is the only place that has a birth center.  I think it is best to figure out what sort of birth you are hoping for, if you are hoping for low intervention or "natural" birth then you need to find a provider who supports this.  As far as a private room goes, they are all pretty much the same, thought SLR has some of the nicer ones in my opinion.  I would read some yelp reviews on careproviders, ask other moms on boards like this to see who they went to.  The hospital stay is only one small part of your pregnancy and the great thing about NYC is we have great hospitals, like any place some people will have bad or good experiences and the staff is usually what causes this so having a Doctor/midwife who is supportive can make a big difference.  Happy to speak more if you want you can email me.
  • I'm due next week and at Langone. I've loved all the doctors there. They are one of the few "baby-friendly" hospitals in the area which is pretty cool. https://www.babyfriendlyusa.org/about-us/baby-friendly-hospital-initiative
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  • Who is your OB at NYU?  I have 1 appt with Podolsky and she seemed completely uninterested in me as a patient and was borderline rude.  I have heard Lau is good.  Do you have any recommendations??  Thank you :))
  • Hi cp254100 congratulations on our pregnancy. I recently used nyp and I was very happy with the doctors and staff. My baby had to stay a extra few days and they took such wonderful care of her. I would recommend them highly. Good luck on your pregnancy!!
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