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Blake Christian's birth story (hadeelb) updated for pictures!

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Hi all, it's definetly been a rough couple of days but I finally have time to write this...

Blake was born 9/4 @ 6am after a very speedy induction that started at 12pm the previous afternoon. The doc only had to use cytotek and labor started within an hour of the 2nd dose. No need for pitocin since my contractions were coming on fast at 1 min apart! Epi went in a 11pm at 3cm dilation. By 3am I was 9.5 cm and frantically called family since they were expecting me to deliver later in the afternoon. By 4, I started pushing. Baby B's HR kept dropping so the oxygen went on and was told to wait to push until the dr came in. After another hour he was born!

He is healthy with a heart murmer. The pedi did give us a scare when after ordering a few cardiac tests called us in the PP room and said he wanted Blake in the nicu for observation for 8 hours after his chest x ray came back with mild enlarged heart. He went down right away with my DH while I had to stay behind crying my eyes out! In the end he was only down there for 30mins. The neonatologist was not worried. A cardiac echo did show a patent foramen ovale so another echo will be repeated in 2 weeks to see if that had closed.

Sorry for the long story, I'm just blessed to be able to share it with everyone!
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Re: Blake Christian's birth story (hadeelb) updated for pictures!

  • Congrats on your baby! T&P are with your LO'
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  • Congratulations! I hope Blake's follow-up tests go well.
  • Congrats and T&P for baby Blake.

  • Congrats and prayers for baby Blake!
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  • Congratulations!

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  • Congrats! 
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  • Congrats and hoping he's healthy with a strong heart!

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  • Congrats and prayers that everything resolves for Blake and you can just enjoy your little man.

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  • Congrats! Hope all future tests go well!

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  • Congratulations! Blake is beyond adorable. Thoughts and prayers that his next cardiac echo is passed and everything resolves itself!
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  • Congrats!!  I hope his second echo goes smoothly!

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  • Congrats! I hope the second echo shows a very healthy heart!

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  • Congratulations, he's adorable! I hope the second echo shows that everything is okay!

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