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Weekly meal plans

Do you have a weekly meal plan? I feel like we are stuck in a rut here and could use some new ideas. The other board I was on would post these weekly. Is this something you ladies would be interested in?
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Re: Weekly meal plans

  • I would. I try to plan 2-3 meals a week and they're usually slow cooker meals but I'm always open to new, uncomplicated meals. I'd love to plan more and try new things but my husband and son are very difficult, picky eaters and they'd eat the same thing every night if they could but I'm always up for new ideas in the hopes of converting them.
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  • I would too.  I usually make a couple big meals that we then eat throughout the week.  I'm getting tired of my usual recipes so I would be interested in seeing what everyone else is doing.
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  • I have seen a few WFD for the week posts around here, and I'm always interested because I have been making the same things foreverrrr. I need fast, easy recipes, try to do a few veggie dinners/less carby dinners that actually taste good, so while I'm always on the lookout, not much fits the bill for me.

  • I will try to post this then every Sunday! Here's my plan for the week (we are mostly gluten free because of DS but sometimes I'll make just a gf version for him). We also get a farm share each week.

    Sunday- leftovers with salad
    Monday- homemade pizza (one gf one not) with fresh tomato sauce, peppers, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese and a side salad
    Tuesday- quesadillas with cheese and black beans, side of corn salsa
    Wednesday- SO and I work late so gf chicken nuggets for DS with cucumbers
    Thursday- fresh tomato basil sauce (I masks this in the crock pot) with pasta and acorn squash
    Friday- hamburgers and corn
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  • kristenndkristennd member
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    We manage meal plans about half the time.

    Monday: Leftover crockpot beef over egg noodles

    Tuesday: Pimento cheese-stuffed baked potatoes and salad

    Wednesday: Rice a Roni beef flavor with hamburger mixed in (a childhood favorite of DH)

    Thursday: Asian turkey thighs from the crockpot over rice

    The last recipe is from one of these cookbooks and the recipes are all gluten-free. That's not why I bought them buy fyi.
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  • dmlk413dmlk413 member
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    This week is lame because we're going out of town on Friday and I don't want a bunch of leftovers in the fridge.

    Sunday: White beans and ham in the crockpot

    Monday: Leftover Pizza

    Tuesday: Leftovers from Sunday (We have storytime at 6 so there's no time to cook)

    Wednesday: Hamburgers and pasta salad

    Thursday: Leftovers or breakfast for dinner

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  • Between my hours and DS food allergies, we absolutely must meal plan. I honestly wouldn't know how to grocery shop without it.

    Mon: Italian sausage sliders, roasted green beans
    Tues: Summer Squash "bisque"
    Wed: Chicken thighs with duxelles and oven roasted garlic potatoes
    Thurs: Zucchini boats
    Fri: Baked ziti
    Sat: Salmon with sweet potato hash

    It's heavy on squash and tomatoes because we got a ton in our farm share to use up
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  • jse25 said:
    I'm getting tired of canned veg for sides. Can anyone rec easy fresh veg sides?
    I always do random frozen blends or a bagged salad.
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  • ditto @SandAndsSea‌ I usually just toss veggie with evoo and salt and throw in the oven.

    here's mine:
    s: lamb meatballs, asparagus
    m: back to school night so fried rice
    t: veggie cassoulet (this is a ridiculously easy dish and I love adding spinach to it)
    w: linguine with shrimp
    th: one pot Mexican quinoa
    f: pizza (we buy the pizza dough and make our own pizzas)
  • @janineb‌ , it's here:

    I don't bother with bread crumbs and finishing off in the oven, I stop after the carrots are cooked through and just add spinach and eat with crusty bread.
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