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How long do you let DC cry?

Eloise has taken to crying out in her sleep a little...

sometimes she will cry for like 15 seconds and then stop.

We don't CIO here- but how long is it before you consider it CIO?  

I have let her cry for like 2 minutes because sometimes I go to get her and she's not even awake- just fussing/crying in her sleep. 

anyone else's DC do this?  

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Re: How long do you let DC cry?

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    If its in the night basically as long as it takes me to become?conscious?and walk to his room. ?After that he usually stays in our bed, so he doesn't really cry there.
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    DS does that sometimes. 


    I let him cry when I know he's tired and is fighting it.  Sometimes he'll cry for 5 min or so and then settle down. 

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    I don't have a time limit, I mainly listen to how she sounds. If she sounds like she's just a little fussy then I let her go. Once it starts to turn into actual crying then it only lasts as long as it takes for me to get to her. Sometimes she stops fussing, sometimes it turns into crying which is when I go in.

    Sometimes she fusses in her sleep, or as she's falling asleep but it's very different from her cry. Crying sounds slightly frantic.

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    If DD is whimpering in her sleep, I usually let her go a few minutes if I know she's asleep.  If it continues, I go in & put my hand on her belly without waking her up.  That usually calms her down.  Sometimes she'll hold my hand for a few minutes without opening her eyes.  If that doesn't do the trick, or if she really starts crying, I'll wake her up.  She's started sobbing a few times in her sleep & wakes up hysterical & I've had to turn all the lights on.   So sad :-(
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