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7 yo Discipline

So our 7 yo is generally a good kid.  He is very independent and always has been.  So much so that it can be hard to get him to listen to us.  He also can be a pain to his little brother.  He will sometimes lie to avoid getting in trouble.  He is very loud on top of all of this.  I assume this is all normal behavior?  Can you commiserate with me or give me tips for discipline?  What do you let go and what do you make sure you are consistent on doing?
He is also a whiner.  : (
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Re: 7 yo Discipline

  • I don't tolerate lying, at any age. That's one of my big things.
  • I don't tolerate lying, at any age. That's one of my big things.
    Yes, we are the same.  DH is especially bothered by it.  What do you do if she lies?  (Maybe she doesn't?)  We are looking for new ideas.  Usually we take something away, like IPad time or an activity.  It just seems like nothing is getting through to him lately.  He usually only does it when he would get in trouble for something he did.  So he would probably be punished anyway.  
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  • She doesn't's like she's physically unable. LOL I don't know what it is, but she tells on herself in like three seconds. 

    Her punishments for other things are taking her iPad away, not getting to go play with friends, losing TV time or going to be earlier.
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    We have a no lying policy in our house. If I know he's lying I will give him one more chance to tell me the truth. If he chooses to continue to lie we take away "technology" (ipads, video games, TV, phones). As far as whining you just have to make sure he knows it won't get him anywhere. Same with fits. We have a rule in our house if you are whining or throwing a fit you have till I count to 5 to dry it up or he will be grounded for 3 days from technology. I HATE fits. It's all about consistency, 21 days of something and it becomes a habit :-).

    As of right now we are working on not asking "can I be done?" at dinner. He has done so good cleaning his plate and lately he has been asking this more and more. My response is always eat it all. :-|
  • You described our 8yo DD. She misses out on a lot of fun activities and that kiiiiills her. We will still send her little brother to the park with Grandpa or whatever, but she has to stay home. That works pretty well.

    She also loses iPod, Barbies and no dessert after dinner.

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  • We have the rule that punishments are worse if you lie about what you did.  If we're pretty sure he's lying, we will sometimes ask if they are sure that's what really happened.  If they come clean, we thank them for for telling the truth.  
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