Moms with 31 weekers when did your little ones crawl and walk?

My twins are 13 months actual, 11 adjusted. One of them is cursing, but not walking without assistance and the other is not crawling yet. Both have physical therapy and the one who is not crawling also gets occupational therapy. I just need reassurance. I know they will eventually hit these milestones,,, I was doing ok with this until one of our friends whose baby was born full term three months later than ours started walking at 10 mos. I know, it's not a race, and I shouldn't be comparing, but it's hard!! Thanks for reading, congrats if you made it this far!!
DS#1 born 9/23/06 
Twins DS#2 and 3 born at 31 weeks, 3 days due to a short cervix on 8/2/13.

Re: Moms with 31 weekers when did your little ones crawl and walk?

  • My kids were 30 weeks… they didn't walk until they were 17 and 18 months actual so like 15.5 months adjusted.  They were getting EI at the time for motor delays, but technically they really weren't delayed (qualified because they were preemie).  I wouldn't worry too much yet.  


  • I had a 32 weeker.  I am very bad at milestone records.  At the dev clinic when she was 6 months adj (8 months actual), she was good at pushing up on her hands and rolled over well onto her back, but not much onto her front.  They recommended more tummy time and she crawled a few weeks after that appt.  I think the tummy time helped.  It was a bit later that she actually got up on her hands and knees, but I recall she was very fast and proficient at crawling when she turned 12 months (actual).  At our 15 month actual (13 month adjusted) appt, M was not walking, but was knee walking and had been pulling up for quite a while.  She walked about a month after that appointment, and was pretty good from the get-go--everyone said she was so good at knee walking that she just had no motivation walk.

    At a play place recently we met a 10 month old who was walking and he was built like a linebacker.  I have a friend with a DD who is 14 months and not walking and shows no interest, and another friend who has a DS who is 11 months and just really started pulling himself around on his hands.  You are getting services and preemies are traditionally slow with motor stuff, so give it time.
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  • DD was born at 31 weeks, 3 days. She started crawling at 8 months & 1 week actual, but didn't sit up unsupported till the next day. She walked at about 13.5 months actual. My nephew, a termie, didn't crawl till 11 months. I don't think most pedis count crawling as a milestone cause not all babies do it. All babies do things at their own pace, preemie or full term. Keep an eye and speak to your pedi if you get concerned.

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  • I had a 30 weeker (29w, 6d actually) and she sat unassisted at about 7 months actual, crawled late at a few days shy of 10 months actual, but walked a day shy of 14 months actual, which was technically "on time". 

    As for crawling not being a milestone, technically, it's not anymore, HOWEVER, the developmental specialists who checked on my daughter every six months said that even though pediatricians dont consider it a milestone, they do because its the only movement that works all four limbs at once. 
  • Crawled at 10.5 months. Walked around 13 I think. (Actual ages)

    Our little hippo was as impatient as mom!

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    Hoping for a full 40 weeks!! 

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  • My 13-mo LO is a 30 weeker and she started crawling at 11mos actual (8.5mos adjusted). I really didn't think she was going to crawl, as she seemed to like standing more than trying to crawl. She's now cruising all over and has actually taken a couple steps on her own once, but hasn't since.
  • 10 months is on the very early side for walking! I know it's so hard not to and it's annoying when people ask "is he walking yet?"

    DS1 was born at 32w3d and was at the end of every milestone, even for adjusted age. He sat unassisted at 8 months actual, crawled at 10 months actual, and didn't walk until 16 months. Your LOs are getting therapy, so that's a big help! Try not to worry!

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