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stupid question - baby clothes

I know that pretty much anything goes for babies, especially newborns, but I feel so clueless about baby clothes.

So far I've been dressing her in real outfits because it's warm out and we only have a few tiny newborn things that fit her. The newborn size sleepers are still ridiculously big looking.

We have gotten so many footed sleepers, all the way up to 12 months size. Are these really supposed to be used as just pajamas? If so, baby girl could wear a different pair of pajamas every night for a year! Can these be worn as real outfits? Do people even care what you dress the baby in? Maybe sleepers are acceptable during the day until a certain age? I guess I can't picture a 9 or 12 month old wearing a sleeper as real clothes.

Let me know what you think or what you do about baby clothes! Thanks :)

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Re: stupid question - baby clothes

  • I think it's up to you. I think seeing a 1 year old running around the store in a sleeper would be weird but wouldn't think twice about a 6 month old. Also I think it depends where ya live. I think it's weird for parents here to keep their baby in sleepers during the day when it's 100+ outside. Baby has to be sweating.

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  • My newborn wears footed PJs all day and we change into new ones at night. We had to go and buy more this weekend bc everyone told us not to buy to many newborn clothes. The PJs are still to big so I feel we will get good use out of them for a few weeks.

    I have no real outfits for her just onesies and one or two pairs of pants. I'm not a fan of the pants because they are a pain to get on a wiggling baby!
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  • Onesies (sometimes with socks) or gowns are the only things we have her in right now. Real outfits would be too much or a hassle and I feel like it's too hot for footed sleepers (I live in South Florida). Once she gets older, we'll try the outfit thing, but I think onesies work for a while.
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  • We did sleepers any time until about 6 months but after that we only did sleepers at night. I wouldn't side eye someone for having their kid in a sleeper when older if it was before noon or super cold out though.
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  • We only put on little outfits if we're going to see someone for the first time. Other than that it's onsies (and sometimes pants) during the day and footie sleepers at night. It's appropriate for the weather here.
  • I put her in a lot of onesies with pants and sometimes a little cardigan.  With the AC on, she seems more comfortable with her legs covered, but sometimes she just has on a onesie... usually with socks.  If we're going to see someone, I might put her in a little dress.  She has 5 or 6 newborn sleepers, and I put her in those at night; there are definitely days though where she stays in her sleeper all day. 
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    I switch to outfits during the day when they become mobile. Before that point most of the time it's footed sleepers or onesies.

    ETA - when crawling they often get their feet tangled in the footed sleepers and it seems uncomfortable to have their bare knees on the floor. So I switch then to pants or baby leg warmers and onesies/tops.
  • The first 2nd 2 weeks (first 2 he was in hospital) I let him wear sleepers around 4-5 weeks old I realized I had a ton of clothes and he was starting to at least not look ridiculous in newborn clothes. 
  • LO lives in onesies during the day, sometimes a little outfit of we are going out. He does have one outfit that matches what H wears everyday that I put him in because to so cute, but man baby jeans at PITA!! Sleepers or gowns at night, sometimes we go though a few in ine night becuse mom fails at getting the diaper in snug enough, LOL!
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  • Onesies and swaddled at night and mostly Carters one piece outfits (creepers or whatever they're called) during the day.

    When the weather cools down I have many footed sleep & play one pieces he'll wear during the day.


  • Sleepers and Onesies 24/7. 

    Nicer outfits are reserved for pictures.

    I really do not care if a kid is wearing pajamas to the store. I really...just do.
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  • I only have one "real" outfit for LO. I have two pairs of pants only two sleepers that fit her right now. She wears onsies...sometimes pants. Her real outfit is being saved for our nephews birthday party. Her first outing with people besides just immediate family.
  • Onesies by day, footie pjs at night. Today was the first time I put pants on DS, since we were going to a big family party, but other than that, no "outfits" here.

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  • Define day and night.

    It's hard to tell these days and therefore clothes don't matter. (For me or the kiddo)

    If we leave the house DS gets a clean non-sleeper.
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  • Still an inside baby here, but we got a lot of clothes, so I plan to put her in real outfits (dresses, etc.) when we are in public or have visitors, and use the sleepers or onesies and pants when we are just hanging around the house alone. (I've heard the advice to not save the cutest things for a special occasion because by the time it comes, they will have outgrown them.)
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  • C likes being in sleepers and onesies, so unless we are visiting someone or going out, she stays in those. I only have 3 outfits that fit right now anyway. I have a lot of 3month outfits that offer more layering, so as the weather gets colder she will transition into those.
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