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don't know how far along I am!!

Hey ladies
I'm fairly new to this app and just had a few concerns! :-/ this past may I suffered a miscarriage. I am now pregnant, but have no idea how far along I am. We had a few family issues to deal with in July including the death of a loved one, and I just can't remember if I had a period that month. I mark my periods down religiously in my calendar, and the last one I marked was June 29th. it lasted 5 days. they are always on time too! I'm so nervous with this pregnancy because of what happened last time. I hardly have any symptoms other than my breasts are somewhat sore and I feel a little bit nasueas and for some reason my eye sight gets a little blurry every now and then. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I took 3 of those clear blue week estimators and it said I was 2 to 3 weeks post ovulation. I go in for an ultrasound Friday to find out how far along I am but I'm just so scared there going to tell me I'm not even pregnant

Re: don't know how far along I am!!

  • I have also suffered from miscarriage, I have had two in the past year. I'm now pregnant again. If a pregnancy test shows positive you defiantly are pregnant because the only time you have a positive result is if it detects a hormone you only have if you're pregnant. No matter how long ago your miscarriage was there is always a possibility to have a full term healthy pregnancy. Good luck on Friday (: I'm sure you'll be party, I hoe for the best
  • Best of luck to you OP.  The level of symptoms you have means nothing in regards to the health of your pregnancy. Try to relax.  I hope you get good news on Friday. 
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  • Getting pregnant after a loss, while a huge blessing, can be very stressful. Just remember that today you are pregnant, try to stay optimistic and enjoy that fact. That seemed to help me keep the worry somewhat contained.
    As far as dating goes I would be wary of those clearblue week indicators. I was having beta's drawn with this pregnancy due to a prior loss and tried using those to gauge where I might/should be at hCG wise. It was a really bad idea. I took one right before my second blood draw and it only said 1-2 weeks when I got my results my hCG was 650 which should have put me at 2-3 weeks according to how they say it gauges hCG levels. So while they are great to tell you if you are pregnant, I would be wary of relying on them for dating. Or at least take the dating with a grain of salt. Good luck at your ultrasound!
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