Such a fantastic start to the Holiday weekend! (Sarcasm alert/depressing/children mention Not mine) — The Bump
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Such a fantastic start to the Holiday weekend! (Sarcasm alert/depressing/children mention Not mine)

1) So I had my revisit US to see if my Follies had grown. CD15 and only an 11 and a 13. The NP was not really happy about this so basically turned me into a non trigger cycle this month. I am so sad I was really hoping for some decent growth. We stopped at Hobby Lobby right after and as we pulled in my DH was like close your eyes, (I didnt in time) and see this hugley pg lady walking in front of our car and she just looked so fabulous! 

2)I found out my most favorite clothing store,that went out of buisness a couple months ago (literally almost the only place I shopped) is being turned into a Carters Baby store

3) This sunday is not only my nephews 3rd bday party (which I thankfully work, they are having it at a bounce house place where there will be tons of other kids running around). It is also the 14th anniversary of my Grandparents Murder (which tore my entire family apart and was a high profile case)

Can we please get this fucking month over with I just cant handle any more shit TBH
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Me:30 DH:33
TTC since 10/12 
HSG- Tubes Clear slight scarring on UTE (unexplained)
DH SA- Normal
10/12-6/13 Natural 
Pcos Dx 7/13 Metformin 500mg x2 daily
4/14 Provera  10days  then Clomid 50mg CD5-9 (BFN)
5/14 Provera 10days then Clomid 50mg CD5-9  (BFN)
6/14 (no provera yay!) Clomid 50mg CD5-9  (BFN)
7/14 Natural Cycle Moving on to RE appt not til 7/31 (BFN)  
8/14 Plan of action! Moved up to 1500mg Metformin, Femara 3-7 (Trigger canceled due to not big enough follies and holiday weekend) (BFN)
9/14 7.5mg Femara CD3-7 +ovidrel  (BFN)
10/14 5mg Femara(3-7) Follistim 75 (7-9) +Ovidrel +TI (last treatment cycle this year Breaking til after Holidays) (BFP! Beta #1 114, Beta #2 364)
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Re: Such a fantastic start to the Holiday weekend! (Sarcasm alert/depressing/children mention Not mine)

  • I'm so sorry for all of the bad news. 

    Me: 20 | DH: 22

    Married May 2013: TTC since May 2013

    Currently making lifestyle changes in an effort to lose 100 pounds. 

  • Sending hugs for this horrible day! Thank goodness it sounds like your DH is amazing! Lots of positive thoughts your way <3


    Me (26) & DH (26)
    Dog Momma to 2 amazing furbabies
    Started dating: May 6, 2005 & Married: August 4, 2012
    Diagnosis: PCOS

    September 2013 - January 2014: Not trying but not preventing
    February 2014: Officially TTC (BBT, OPKs, etc)
    February-August 2014: Irregular Cycles, U/S showed Fibroids/Cysts, Provera required to get AF, BFNs
    September & October 2014: Testing Months with Reproductive Endocrinologist!
    DH's SA:
    Normal (116.4 million sperm, 97% motility, 36% morphology) - WHO criteria
    DH's Repeat SA: Poss. Low Morph. (138 million sperm, 73% motility, 8% morphology) - Kruger criteria
    HSG and SIS: Normal (tubes clear)
    Medicated Cycle:
     5mg Letrozole + Trigger Injection + TI = BFP!!


    Beta #1:
    12/8 - 1,040 Beta #2: 12/10 - 2,902 Beta #3: 12/16 - 19,321
    Ultrasound #1: 12/12 (5 weeks 1 day) - Gestational sac and yolk sac present
    Ultrasound #2: 12/18 (6 weeks 0 days) - Measuring good, heart rate 99
    Ultrasound #3: 12/26 (7 weeks 1 day) - Measuring good, heart rate 150

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  • Sorry ((hugs))
    Married July 2 2011
    Not trying Not preventing since 2011
    Me: Ovulate on my own (but poorly) DH: Low count and poor motility
    Oct 2013 Uterine polyp removed
    Feb 2014 First round Ferama, trigger and IUI...BFN
    March 2014 Second round Ferama, trigger and iui
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  • I'm so sorry for all of your awful troubles lately. My mom was killed by another family member, so I understand the dread and heartbreak that comes with the anniversary (and birthday, and other dates that were special to them). My thoughts and prayers will be with you this weekend. HUGS
    Love 8/15/10 | Marriage 11/21/11 | TTC #1 11/2012
    Unexplained Infertility
    Our herd includes DH (29), me (26), and 2 fur babies (Corgi and Bernese Mtn Dog)
    All are welcome | Join the movement #8ActsOfLove

  • I'm so sorry, what a day/month!

    I can't believe the new baby store is adding insult to injury. I tried to imagine the feeling if my go-to clothing store up and left, and boom there's a baby store. It's not fair. I'm so sorry.

    Prayers and thoughts for your family at this difficult anniversary. 
    January 3T Siggy Challenge - New Year's Resolutions

    Me (29), DH (30) TTC actively 54 55+ cycles | All BFNs
    MFI (low everything) | Endo Stage 1 & Stenotic Cervix (treated) | PCO
    Married - July 2008 | Started TTC - Jan 2009 | RE Visit #1 - Mar 2014 
    IUI #1 ICI #1 - June | IUI #1.1 Laparoscopy - Aug
    IUIs #1.2, 2, 3 - Sept, Oct, Nov (Letrozole) - BFNs 
    IUI #4 - Dec (Bravelle) | IUI #5 - Dec/Jan (Bravelle) - 5 follies + TI - BFNs
    IUI #5.1 - Jan (Bravelle) Cancelled 
    Planning to start IVF in March!
    ***All Welcome***
  • I am so sorry. It sounds like you got yourself a very nice, caring husband! T&P for your family.

    TTC #1 since July 2013
    August 2014: Unexplained Infertility 
    Me (25) and DH (32)
    Married 5/18/12

  • I'm sorry. ((hugs)) I'm glad you have a good excuse to skip that party.
    **siggy warning**  **everyone welcome**

    DS- 11.07.02
    DSS- 6.26.04
    Married- 6.29.13
    TTC Again- Sept. 2013
    Test Results/Diagnosis- HSG & SA totally normal
    DX: 3/2014 Prolactinoma/Hyperprolactinemia- Started cabergoline 2/2014
    5/2014 Possible mild PCOS in addition to hyperprolactinemia??
    7/2014 Adding probable tubal factor to the diagnosis list
    9/2014 And now adding hypothyroid to the list- Started synthroid 9/2014
    Cycles 1-4 - Sept.-March- All Anovulatory 
    IUI #1 March/April-  Clomid 50mg + Clomid 100mg +Trigger + IUI #1 = BFN
     IUI #2 April/May-Clomid 100mg + Clomid 150mg + Trigger + IUI #2 + Endometrin=BFN
    IUI #3- June- Follistim 75iu + Trigger + IUI #3  Benched due to a 40 mm cyst. :-(
    IUI #3- July- Follistim 75iu + Trigger + IUI #3 + Endometrin = BFP! on 7/25/14
    Slowly rising betas - Ectopic suspected on 8/8/14 & confirmed on 8/11/14
    Methotrexate on 8/12/14 -HCG negative on 9/2/14
    IVF #1- November- Antagonist protocol: 11/1: start stims, 200iu of Follistim; 11/12 ER 17R/14M/14F; 11/17 5 day transfer of two blasts, 2 blasts and 2 expanding morulas frozen; 11/22 BFP!! (On FRER at 5dp5dt)
    Betas: 9dp5dt 205, 11dp5dt 497, 14dp5dt 1,709
    u/s at 5w0d- 1 sac; u/s at 6w0d 1 baby with heartbeat, another sac without a heartbeat

  • Hugs and chocolate

    Official diagnosis: Unexplained IF. I am 32. I have low ovarian reserve (low AMH), and poor egg quality. I've also been diagnosed with mild glandular developmental arrest (lining problems, detected with EFT).

    We are using open ID donor sperm. IUIs #1-7=BFN. IVF September 2014 antagonist protocol, 8R,5M,3F, 5 day transfer of 1 morula = BFN. IVF#2 planned for January 2015 (antagonist protocol + HGH).

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