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First baby premature. Greater chances number 2 will be?

My first child came 4 weeks early. No issues. Healthy. No reason given. My OB said I have over greater than 50 percent chance number 2 will be early. And it'll be earlier likely. Anyone have similar or opposite experience?

Re: First baby premature. Greater chances number 2 will be?

  • I was 5 weeks early and my mom was overdue with my younger brother by over a week. I was under 5lbs and he was over 10 lbs so for her it didn't ring true.
  • It completely depends.

    My daughter was 7 weeks early due to preeclampsia that turned into HELLP syndrome.  The chances are higher for me this time that it will occur again; however, I'm just trying to exercise and be as healthy as possible and do the best I can.  It could happen again or it couldn't--no way to know.
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  • I was 6 weeks early, middle brother was 3 weeks early, and youngest brother was right on time. So I guess it was the opposite for my mom. Each baby was also bigger than the last.


  • SIL's first was born at 36w and her second was born at 37w.
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  • This could be a matter of your due date being off from the get-go.  What was your due date last time based off of?  If it was LMP then it's possible you ovulated later than you thought and you really weren't 36 weeks along.   Maybe 37 or even 38 weeks.  

    I had no clue of my ovulation with DS so we based it off of LMP which was also mostly a guess and I got a guess date of July 24th.  I never measured in line with that (based on my 3 u/s  my due date ranged from July 12th-July 20th) but my official date was never changed.  My son was born on the 15th so 9 days early according to all of my paper work, but in reality he could have been 3 days late if you went off of my 14 week u/s or just 3 days early based on my a/s.  This time I know for sure when I ovulated so I'm curious to see how the dates I'm given with this one fluctuates.  Although I should only have one u/s this time so I won't get such a variety.

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  • My DD#1 was born at 37W & DD#2 was born at 35.5. No clear reason with either of them. I am going to ask my OB @ first prenatal checkup what she thinks with #3.
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    The greatest predictor in Ob is... If it's happened before it's more likely to occur thenext pregnancy. Stats change all the time but you are at higher risk then the average person who has never experienced pre term birth. Depending upon what the reason was behind your previous pre term birth... Progesterone has been shown in multiple studies to decrease the re-occurrence of pre term birth. Typically given 16-36 weeks as an injection.
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