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Ebf: how do you go out in public?

Hi all, I'm mobile and lurk more then post but I finally have a question I can't find the answer to! My DD is 9 weeks and exclusively breast fed. I am finding it impossible to go out in the world because her feedings are ALWAYS different! This is not a matter of feeding in public because I am happy to pull a Boob out anywhere around anyone. Last week my sister and I went to a mother's market, my DD ate right before we left but after the 20min drive to the sale she wanted to nurse constantly for almost 1.5 hours so I couldn't even go in and shop! I'm afraid to even try and go to the grocery store in fear she will need to eat! Does this just get better with time, like will she "even her feeds out"... Just looking for any advice! Sorry for the ss post, I'm horrible at typing on my phone especially with auto correct TIA!

Re: Ebf: how do you go out in public?

  • Honestly, I didn't go out much until she was about 4 months old and through some of the big growth spurts.
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  • Thanks for the input! Fortunately I don't NEED to get out and do to many things, I do get to run out some times while dh is on baby duty after a long feed. I was thinking maybe it would change after 12 week growth spurt so we will just keep at the Boob feeding and let it all figure it's self out
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    Agreed that it does get easier after 12weeks.  I also find baby wearing so much more convenient.  I just throw him in the Tula and do whatever it is I need to do.  If he gets hungry, I can feed him in it and most people have no idea what's going on!
  • It has gotten easier for me. My LO has become a bit more predictable? (Knock on wood) I have only nursed once in a carrier but love the idea and think it's a great alternative.
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