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Weak pelvic floor after hard pushing

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Have any other moms (especially STM who may have been through a 3recovery of this) had issues with pelvic floor muscles after an extended period of pushing during L&D? I feel like I leak urine at times...after I stand up off the toilet (even though I think I emptied my bladder), laugh, cough, lift something heavy.

I had a weak pelvic floor to begin with, but what I'm most worried about is that I feel like I can't do Kegels. I even tried holding it while I peed so I could feel the right muscles, and I wasn't able to stop the flow!?! That made me nervous. Right after the birth I couldn't feel the need to pee for 3 days...but I thought that was somewhat normal. I had to time myself and make sure I peed every hour and a half, and I still didn't make it to the toilet 3 or 4 times.

Of course I will be talking to my dr about this, but I was interested in any experiences. My best friend had some pelvic floor issues that made sex incredibly painful, but they didn't affect using the bathroom so she doesn't have advice. She needed to see a specialist to strengthen things up.


EDIT - It's late and I had lots of typos and I added the very last sentence.
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Re: Weak pelvic floor after hard pushing

  • I don't think I had it as bad as you described, but I pushed for 3+hours with my first and felt a lot of what you described. It went away slowly, but I still have weak bladder muscles and occasionally leak if I sneeze or cloudy l cough. But I've had two more babies since then.
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    I had this more with my first, five years ago. I only pushed for 1/2 hour, but I dealt with not being able to tell when I needed to pee, not being able to stop my pee when going, leaking when I stood up from the toilet. I had an upwards tear with my first. It did get better, slowly. Within maybe 3 months, I started to feel more normal, though I will say that I never fully regained the level of "control" I had before having kids...mostly with stopping peeing midstream. I can do it, but it's not as easy as it used to be.

    Edit: I just reread this and it sounds way worse than it was...to clarify, I never peed my pants or anything, but if I was sitting for a long while I wouldn't get the urge and I would have to run to the bathroom when I stood up, and then I would pee forever cause my bladder was so full. Like I said, though, it got better :-)
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