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Can someone tell me why my baby isnt ready???? lol

My name is Cassie and I am expecting a little boy ( Mason lee ). I am new to the bump. My due date is ( or was August 26th ) I have to go to my obgyn on the 29th for another nst test. I have only been dialated 1cm for 2 wks. They will induce me on September 2nd if I don't give birth before then. I'm a first time pregnant person and honestly a little nervous. What can I do to not be and to hold my precious baby???

Re: Can someone tell me why my baby isnt ready???? lol

  • Hi cassie :) I was dilated at 1cm for 5 weeks and was just induced yesterday (at 41 weeks 3 days). I was terrified of an induction but it went so smoothly! It would be nice if you went to labor on your own but if you don't then don't be scared! You don't have to agree to an induction but if you do just know that it's not scary and one way or another you'll have that precious bundle in your arms like I do right now
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  • If any of us overdue ladies had the answer to this, we'd have been in a lot better mood toward the end of our pregnancies. :-). Hang in there; the waiting is definitely torture, but once they're here, the waiting becomes a distant memory so quickly! Good luck!
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  • U dont have to be induced unless there is a medical reason...its such a hard decision. I am in a similar boat right now...3rd baby. My due date was 8/23 and I scheduled and then cancelled my elective induction for this morning. When listing the positives and negatives, I decided to give it a few more days. Ask lots of questions so u feel comfortable w whatever u the end, us moms are our babies best advocates. For example, if u look up cytotec online u might run to the hills...lots of non medical people with strong doc very much calmed my fear of this and explained proper use to me. Whatever ur decision u will soon be a mom and forget all about this last uncomfortable week(or two! :) good luck.
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