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question for c-section moms

I had a c-section 2 weeks ago and the skin on the bottom half of my belly where it stretched the most is super sensitive and feels like its sunburned.

Anyone else having some skin sensitivity and if you did when did it go away?

Re: question for c-section moms

  • I have this and it's better at almost 6 weeks. I can't remember when this went away with my first but I was surprised at how long it lasted.


  • Ftm so not sure how long it lasts but yes I have it too.
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  • First c/s but third kid, so I can't say how long it will last, but I have it all the way around my incision, top and bottom. The only thing I've found to help is keeping the layers from touching anything. (I have the terrible belly flap)
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  • I had it bad my first CS. I think it last 6-8 weeks or so. Things aren't as sensitive this time around (10 days PP)
  • I have the exact opposite. I can't feel anything. Numbness surrounding the incision. I'm guessing this is normal?
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  • Numbness will likely replace this other sensation.  I have had many women tell me that, 20+ years after their c-sections, this skin is still numb.  I gained some sensation back after the last one somewhere around 9 months pp.
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  • My whole stomach hurts worse than my incision. It feels like I got in a gang fight and everyone took turns pummeling me in the belly. 
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  • I didn't see this until after I posted my question. Mine doesn't really feel like sunburn though it's more like a really bad bruise
  • Mine felt super sensitive for the first few weeks, but now (at 3 weeks pp) it's definitely fading. This is my third c/s, but I don't remember this from the last 2. Bigger baby/more stretching maybe?
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  • This is my first c/s, but my incision got infected about one week pp, so definitely keep an eye on it. It got more and more sensitive, then got red and swelled up. The day before I went on antibiotics, it hurt so bad it was hard to walk. Now, at 2.5 weeks pp, it is only slightly sensitive/burny-feeling.

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