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Treat yourself woman!

So I was thinking...we are all freaking amazing women! I mean hellooooo we created life! And now we are all busting ass and dedicating every moment of our lives to taking care of our families. I mean thou really can't get any more awesome then that! I've decided we ALL need to take a guilt free minute to treat ourselves! So what big orsmall thing have you done just for you this week?

Re: Treat yourself woman!

  • This is a good idea.  I should do something for myself this weekend, alone.  After the first week back to work, I will need it!
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    [Deleted User]Pinksundropsemeek
  • Had a few beers!

    We have our "Irish Twins"

    DD born 8/7/2013

    DS born 7/28/14


    Nichole8787[Deleted User]emeek[Deleted User]
  • I went for a massage last week in hopes of keeping my neck from getting any worse and it really helped.  I would love to get my hair colored but that takes 3 hours and I don't know if DH could handle all 3 at once for that long.  I haven't had it done in almost a year so I am wayyyy overdue.  Good thing the ombre look is in. I bought a pair of decent pants off the sale rack so I would look presentable at church.   

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    [Deleted User]Nichole8787emeek[Deleted User]
  • My DH got me a gift card for a massage and facial. I'm going to use it next weekend.
    Nichole8787emeek[Deleted User]
  • Thanks to this thread and DH's encouragement went out for a few minutes with a few moms who were getting together. Got a gel manicure and pedicure Sunday as well! That one was difficult - DH had to keep baby happy that last half hour before I was done since LO was ready to eat.
    Nichole8787emeek[Deleted User]
  • I'm such a doofus! Totally forgot that DH and I went to VT over the weekend. 
    Museums & tours then dr who and chinese food and all the shower time I wanted (not much because the shower was icky but I did have the time!).

    Well, that's that then.
    Nichole8787emeek[Deleted User]Pinksundrops
  • I need to do something this week for myself!!! I've had a splitting migraine for the past 4 days just being alone while hubby takes care of dd is all I ask for....
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    Nichole8787emeek[Deleted User]
  • Made a hair appointment for next week, ordered myself two new bathing suits and a coverup for our October Myrtle Beach vacation and I'll be spending some solo time at the mall tomorrow.
    Nichole8787emeek[Deleted User]
  • My parents are in town so my Mim and I are going for Mani/Pedis tomorrow. Good thing because my toes look terrible!

    Nichole8787[Deleted User]
  • Grabbed an iced coffee this morning and went for a pedicure!
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • Pedicure happeNing right now.
    TexasGirl81[Deleted User]
  • Last week..
    I snuck off to the tub for a hot shower and a DIY facial and treated myself to a couple of new face products from Lush (plus I had the Lush employee give me a facial with the products I was buying) it was awesome.

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    [Deleted User]TexasGirl81Nichole8787emeek
  • I'm going away for work this week and staying at a luxurious hotel. 

    DH will be home alone with two kids for 4 days. 

    Sometimes, I truly love my job. 

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    emeekhoneybee434[Deleted User]Nichole8787
  • I went shopping at Nordstrom alone and got myself fitted for a nice new nursing bra and stocked up on make-up. Also bought the little girl some over-priced head bands! Then I wandered around Whole Foods for an hour eating samples. It was fantastic!
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