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sick baby vent

Sorry this is kind of a long story. So last week my little one had some diarrhea for a few days but was otherwise acting totally normal. He was still eating/drinking/ playing so we chalked it up to new foods. Sunday he went over to my sisters and my BIL was watching him. Apparently he choked on a magnet number. My BIL said he was gagging, vomiting, he hit his back twice and the number came up. Ever since then my LO is eating way less and is vomiting. We took him to the er that night and he checked out okay, they gave him some zofran. Next morning we went to his regular pediatrician who did an xray and said it was normal, continue the zofran. Well Tuesday he was barley having wet diapers and was still vomiting so we went back to the er. They said he was slightly dehydrated, push fluids and continue zofran. All these doctors kept saying they feel it was flu related even though he never had a fever, is still acting normal, and his diarrhea stopped Monday?. Well here we are today and hes still vomiting and not wanting to eat. Went back to the pediatrician today and hes lost weight. They now want me to try and get him to eat or drink something every half hour and if no improvement then possibly taking him back to the er...im just frustrated because my LO has always been a great eater. I brought up today that im really not convinced its "flu related" this all only started after him choking. They said if he doesnt improve they can try to scope him. Im super worried my gut is just telling something else is going on. I wish they would stop saying "flu". . . I understand he had some diarrhea but that has all stopped he only started the vomiting after the choking incident. I know I cant be overreacting, am I? Thanks ladies for listening .

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  • I am so sorry you're going through this. I am a firm believer in trusting your gut. You know your baby best and the doctors are probably going on what is the most likely situation. If you feel like something really isn't right, go back to the ER and see what else they can do for you. I would be very worried at that point (although I'm a worrier so take that with a grain if salt). Good luck and I hope your LO is feeling better soon. Keep us posted!

  • Mommy's know best. Maybe if you go back to the er, try a new er.
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  • Thanks guys! ♡
  • I think you are very justified to be concerned that it isn't just "flu". Maybe it turns out to be just abug but you never know and you want to catch something else sooner rather than later.  I would push the doctors to figure it out if he doesn't start eating and drinking soon. 
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. Hopefully there will be no correlation between the magnet and his symptoms and hopefully there will be no need for a scope :(  Thinking of you and your LO!
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