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Intense nipple pain - Nursing while PG

Ever since I got pregnant, I've been having more discomfort with nursing. It has intensified with time, and it has now gotten to the point where I cringe every time I sit down to nurse DS. He's 20 months and I wanted to keep nursing until around 2 (as long as he still seemed interested, of course), but I'm starting to seriously consider weaning because I don't know how much longer I can nurse through this. In terms of pain level, it's approaching the feeling of nursing him during the first week or two when he was tongue tied - really painful!

Not sure if this is very relevant, but the pain does fade eventually. At this point I'd say it's REALLY bad for about one minute (like, writhing in the rocker bad), bad for about four minutes, and then it subsides to discomfort. It has been getting worse - it used to be bad for 20 seconds, painful for 2 minutes, and then uncomfortable. Thankfully I only nurse 2x a day at this point. Oh, and my nipples don't hurt when I'm not nursing as long as nothing is chafing them. 

From other moms who have nursed while PG, is this something that I can expect to resolve itself? Any suggestions of how I might alleviate the pain?  

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  • I only nursed until I was 10w pregnant and a big part of the reason I weaned was because of the pain.  Not sure if it gets better.  You know how when you first start nursing a newborn your nipples are most tender when the baby latches because it's sort of stretching the tissue, but after 30 sec or so it's fine?  Maybe that's part of what's going on, your nipples are much more sensitive because you are pregnant and it hurts most in the beginning because they are being stretched.  Perhaps you could try sort of hand expressing a little before LO latches?  Kind of get things started?
  • For some women it will go away. And some babies will decide to quit around 20 weeks when the milk changes.

    I'm 35 weeks now and it has only gotten worse for me. I'm in tears right now because it hurts so badly, and I never had an issue until I got pregnant. I came here to find advice on how to wean a 21 month old who does not want to give up yet.
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  • Thanks, guys, for your input.

    @JackieB15, thanks for your perspective. Totally not what I wanted to hear, but good to know. Good luck weaning your LO! 
  • I do know a lot of people who've said it goes away. So I hope it will for you too.

    Sorry for being such a downer there. I was feeling bad for myself.
  • No, no, you weren't a downer. It's good to know that it may or may not go away. (Where it just keeps. getting. worse. I don't think it's going away, but who knows.) It helps to have realistic expectations. And you're in a tough situation, I think it's ok to feel bad for yourself for a little bit! 
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