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Insurance Covering Breastpump

Does anyone have Cigna and they are covering their breastpump? My Husband called and they said they'll cover the rental of one. Just wondering what your experiences are.



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  • You really need to contact CIGNA regarding your specific plan. Some employers are self insured, which means that CIGNA simply processes the claims but the employer can make their own decisions on what is covered. Additionally, some insurance plans were considered "grandfathered" and are therefore exempt from having to cover anything to do with breast pumps even after the new legislation.

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  • They are required to cover them though they are some exclusions as PP said. Also they don't have to cover a double electric, they can simply cover a manual pump. Call the number on the back of your insurance card and they will tell you more about it. You usually have to go through one of their chosen suppliers. 
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  • Each plan is different so you will have to confirm your exact terms. We have Cigna and for us they cover an electric pump (they give us a choice of Medela PISA and Ameda PY). That's what I was told when I spoke to them on the phone. Now in the plan paperwork it stated that they cover a rental of a hospital grade pump, which they explained that the two pumps sponsor are considered hospital grade and the 'rental' amount is basically the equivalent of the price of the pump. Convoluted but whatever. Free pump is a free pump.
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