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Tech Couldn't Measure Nuchal Translucency

I had my ultrasound yesterday but the baby wasn't in the right position for him to measure the neck. (Baby was on side looking at us- not on back for profile view) The nurse told me they aren't going to reschedule the test because there isn't time- I'm 12w6d. She said if there was something wrong he would have been able to see it and that my next ultrasound will be on October 6th- I'll be 18 1/2 weeks. (I have Kaiser Southern Ca if that matters)

Has anyone else gone through this? This is my first pregnancy so I'm just looking for some advice/support as I was hoping to hear everything looks great yesterday. Hopefully someone can calm my fears. 

Thank you all very much!

Re: Tech Couldn't Measure Nuchal Translucency

  • I was 12w2d when we had the NT test done.  There is a short window of time they can perform this.  They said my baby was measuring too large at the time and that they could not do it.  Doc said things looked good otherwise, no red flags.  My only U/S was at 18w and nothing abnormal then either. 

    If your doctor isn't concerned then don't worry and stress yourself over it.  I get that there's always that little thought in the back of your brain "what if".  Just stay calm, be healthy, remain positive, and enjoy this short time you have.  Best wishes!
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    It was just the person that files the paperwork that said don't worry about it. Quite frankly she was short and kind of rude. 

    I sent a message to my OB to see if she agrees that it isn't anything to worry about. 

    The only thing out of the ordinary during this pregnancy is my husband has spina bifida. Other than that I'm just a worried mom-to-be. 
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  • I think we all tend to have concerns, try not to worry best you can! If it helps at all, I,myself, have Spina Bifida and I have 2 very healthy, perfect little ones! Spina Bifida is not genetic so there is no cause for concern on that basis!

    FX for you!! :)
  • Thank you both for your encouraging words. 

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    DItto - I had my first US at 11 weeks and baby was uncooperative after 45 minutes of prodding. Went back the following week and same story! They were about to call it a day when the baby shifted at the last moment and they were able to get the measurement they needed. Just had my anatomy scan today and all's well!

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  • Did you have the blood work done? I'm assuming they looked for other markers and didn't see anything. If you are very nervous you can request to have something like the Materni21 test or an amnio done, although your insurance may or may not cover that. The big issue with waiting until 18-19 weeks is that if you would want to terminate if there is something wrong then it gets much harder to do. If termination isn't an option for you then the 18 week anatomy is probably sufficient. The odds of there being anything wrong are very, very slim but I know how hard it is to wait and not know.

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