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You're right

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There's no one to ask but God and nothing to do but wait.  Pregnancy is such a joy and then such pain at the same time.  Sometimes I wish we were in the olden days when no one got sonograms and people used pioneer tricks to diagnose you.  Of course, if it were the olden days, then half of us probably wouldn't survive pregnancy....



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  • No one else's experience can determine what yours will be. The uncertainty is scary, but just take it easy, don't push yourself too hard, and try to distract yourself until you go back to the doctor. Good luck.
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    Ok then. Try not to ink about tomorrow. Focus on today and the fact that today you are pregnant.
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  • Just thought I'd follow up on this. In case anyone digs this up weeks, months, or years from now.  Went in for an ultrasound yesterday, at 6w4d, and everything was fine. Beautiful little heart beat and no problems.  I guess I'll never know what that horrible experience was all about...


  • I am happy to hear good news! Take care! :D

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