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Help, I could use some reassurance.

I'm nine weeks and a few days pregnant and losing my mind. I have had spotting almost every day for the last 5 weeks. I went to the Er in mid July thinking I had a cyst that was ready to burst. Worst experience of my life. To make that long story short, I went from finding out I was pregnant to having the er dr. Grab forceps and pull something out of me. I was devastated to say the least. I was told my levels were at about 4000 but she was sure I had miscarried and words were "I'm sending you for and ultrasound but don't expect to see anything.
An hour later I went for my unsound and found a healthy growing baby. The Dr told me not to get attached and sent me home. The three days I waited to see my dr were the longest of my life. But there again was a growing baby on the ultrasound. And mylevels in the late 7000. As well as four cysts.

I have now seen the heartbeat and my levels keep rising. I'm on stricked pelvic rest and the spotting has slowed down. However it is red when I first wake up and then I'll go all day with out any unless I have a bowel movement. ( sorry if tmi) but still I just want it to stop or know what the hell is causing it.

To get to the point I'm starting to feel helpless. Has anyone else gone through anything like this? Is there anything I can do? We feel so a lone. We have three other friends who are all pregnant and talk freely about it. I want to feel connected to.

Re: Help, I could use some reassurance.

  • I have weekly ob visits right now thank you. And I'm not asking for answers I'm asking for support. I'm pretty sure that is what this site is for. Thank you for the luck, I do appreciate that.
  • In that sense your right I guess I was hoping if somebody had inste to what may be going on to get advice to maybe talk over with my Dr. Forgive me for being new to this but what is BMB?
    And as to my pregnant friends my SO and me have had a miscarriage before and he has asked we don't share the news with friends and family until 12 weeks.
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  • BMB is Birth Month Board. Make sure you read any of the "new here, read this first" posts before posting anything. Also, do an introduction and please use spell check.

  • I have never experienced what you are going through, and I'm really sorry that you are. Sending you all the best luck.
    Forget the ER doctor, what does your OB say about this?

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  • Cysts are very normal during pregnancy. Stick with your ob and what they say. I'm sorry you're going through this but there's not much any of us can tell you. It sounds like everything is progressing as it should but since were not doctors we can't tell you what's going on.

    I'm also confused about the er doctor using forceps to pull something out of you. Didn't she tell you what she was doing and what she grabbed? Stay far away from that ER, IMO. 
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  • To answer your question, unfortunately, there is very little to nothing you can do. This early in pregnancy there just isn't much that can be done expect to follow your doctor's advice and keep hoping things work out okay. If you've seen the baby and a nice, strong heartbeat those are huge. Hope your bleeding stops soon.

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  • My last pregnancy I bled or spotted every day from first tri on. Never found out why. For me everything was fine. Not always the case so call the ob. Good luck
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