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Let's show off

Haven't shared pictures recently let's share pictures of something fun you and lo have done the end of the summer :)
Here's us at animal adventure a zoo/ petting zoo
And my boys at a park near us with a cool waterfall/ stream
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Re: Let's show off

  • Here's DD as we were taking a ferry ride to the beach, wading in the water with DH and then at the BioDome watching the fish.
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  • MelissaMisoMelissaMiso member
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    Okay, clearly I forgot how to post pics using tinypic links. Sigh

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  • two pics from a local farm and playing doc mic fifi in her playhouse in the yard.

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  • ebl2ebl2 member
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    @mrsshawnavanb I have to know where you got that Hello Kitty apron, DD would go nuts for that!
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  • @EBL2
    I found that at Toys R Us. I think it was about $15 and came with a little oven mitt too! DD has recently started loving cooking with me, and she got upset one night because I had my apron on, and she didn't have one. So, I searched online and found that one!
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