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Please help-- brown spotting.

Hello, first time poster here so I hope this is all correctly done, if not please forgive me. I've been reading stuff on this site for awhile though. 

I am currently 7 weeks 3 days. I had a tiny amount of brown spotting intermittently this morning, usually only when I wipe and wasn't super concerned. It seemed to have disappeared as the day went. This last time, though,  I went to the restroom I had quite a bit more, but still only when I wipe. I haven't had a crazy amount of cramps, just dull aches that I've had since the beginning and RE said was normal. I had an u/s yesterday evening and everything looked great so I don't know if I should call the doctor or not. So far no red or even pink. I am also on Progesterone pills at night-- if those do it but have been on those for 3 weeks now. 

This is my first pregnancy in  6 years trying on a third round of iui so I really hope it's all okay. Any help would be super appreciated.   Thank you! 

Re: Please help-- brown spotting.

  • Yeah, it was a vaginal ultrasound and my second so far. The first one I had light pink spotting twice the next day but not this all day brown spotting. I will be calling first thing in the morning just to make sure. They closed at 5 and I just got off work. 

    I knew it was old blood, just not if that was normal. Never in my underwear though, and I am cramping but VERY mildly and have been since before my bfp. RE said that was ok. 

    Thanks for your help! 
  • Oh, and it was a longer one then normal- the ultrasound. So maybe that's why? But I will definitely call in the morning when they open. 
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  • I had brown spotting from early on until 8 weeks. It was a sure thing if I had a vaginal ultrasound that I would have spotting. Everything looks good and I'm 10 weeks now
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