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TV in One Year Old Room?

I recently started my 21 month old in a preschool "one year old" room. It is three days a week from 9 - 1pm. He has been in the school since the beginning of August. The room actually has two rooms.  I have noticed that in each room there is a television that is on from the time that I take him to the time that I pick him up. I have come sometimes in the middle of the day to peek in on him and the TV's are on. They are loud. They are playing the same Barney and Mickey Mouse video over and over again. I asked the teacher about it and she said that she has them on for "comfort" for the children. She says they sing along with the tv to the songs on the DVD's. I was also told the TV's serve as "background" for the class.  I asked if they could possible play a CD rather than the tv and she said that she has to use the tv because the children need "visuals" and CD music doesn't have a visual for the children to see. She said she "always hates it when one parent doesn't like the tv because the other children need it as a comfort, so it has to stay." I have noticed that she leaves the TV's on even if she is singing different unrelated songs to the children as well as if she is reading to them. I have never seen it off. What do you think of this? Does anyone else's preschool have a television that is on in the room?

Re: TV in One Year Old Room?

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  • I'm lurking here but I'll throw in my two cents. 

    I would pull my child out of this preschool.  My DD is in preschool at our district's elementary school and they do not have any TVs in the rooms.  I have honestly never heard of that.  I would think human interactions would be more of a comfort than a TV.  
  • Nope I don't mind occasional t.v.   I know my kids even watch some at their home based daycare, but I would never be ok with it just being on being background noise.  Dealbreaker for me too.


  • Total dealbreaker. That is awful.
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  • Thanks. We decided to withdraw him. It seemed as if his sleep and attention span were becoming affected. He would scream at nap and bedtime and have trouble falling asleep. He also seemed not to pay as close attention to my story reading. He would get up and run around instead of sitting through the story like he's done in the past. He seemed kind of dazed when I would pick him up. I think things were just too loud. My husband said when he went the last time to pick him up the tv was so loud you had to scream to talk. She had it blaring in both rooms. Each room had a different DVD playing. Unacceptable. We let our kids watch tv, but it is very controlled and we keep it off the majority of the time. They do just fine with CDs while they play.
    I would also report them. there has to be some licensure violation here.  I am so sorry your child experienced this.  Glad you pulled him
    This exactly!  I'm glad you pulled him.  I've worked in daycares and preschools in the past, and we never had a TV running.  Sounds like that teacher you had was using the TV as a babysitter, so she could do something else.  Her job is to be engaged with the children and interacting with them not relying on a television.  I can't understand how any parent would be accepting of this.  
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  • Honestly I wouldn't care about the TV being on, because we watch tons of TV at our house, so I can't really judge. But, the loud volume would bother me and would at least ask the teacher to keep it down so people can talk. If my kid was otherwise well cared for and was getting plenty of exercise and interaction through the day, then I would probably overlook the TV issue.
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