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Travel & Milk Logistics

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Any tips on keeping milk while traveling? We're heading out tomorrow for a five day visit to family. It will be a 13 hour drive with an overnight stop each way, plus baby stops.

I pump after M goes to sleep and need to continue to do so. This normally goes toward daytime bottles, but while we're traveling I'll be nursing full time. I've found that my milk starts to turn around day 3 in the fridge, so I'll need to freeze some. But then I don't see any way to keep it frozen for the long trip home.

This may be a post and run. I have terrible reception at work. Will check in later.

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Re: Travel & Milk Logistics

  • As long as the hotel you stop at has a mini fridge that will fit your milk in the freezer you should be okay.  You can freeze during your trip and store wherever you are staying and I think with a good cooler and plenty of ice packs it should stay frozen for the drive time.  As long as it doesn't completely thaw (there are still ice crystals/pieces in the milk) you can refreeze.

    I might use that milk for bottles right away the next week just to be on the safe side.  I don't know how long milk will stay "tasty" with the bit of refreezing that would be going on.

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