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LO hates the car seat

DS hates the car seat. I think he rather get a root canal or shots than sit in his car seat. DS will cry and cry until he vomits, then he will continue to cry. He stops once he gets out of the seat. I can be sitting next to DS and he will cry. We use toys, mirror, music, talking//signing to DS, and white noise. These only work for a short time if I am not in the car sitting next to him. When I am not in the car, he will cry until he vomits and cry more. Got any ides?

Re: LO hates the car seat

  • A mom on DD1 bmb had a similar problem and she turned her daughter forward facing and that solved the problem. I know it's not ideal but it's also not safe driving with a screaming baby constantly and it can't be healthy that your LO cries until he vomits. Talk to your pedi and see what he thinks.

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    No suggestions sorry but just wanted to say that it sounds horrible and hopefully you can find a solution soon! I agree with pp and think you should check with the pedi. Is this something recent or has he always hated the car?
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  • My sis had this problem with DN. she took him to the baby store and let him try out all the carseats. She bought the one that he cried the least in. She also only made it to ~16 months RR. She turned him around and bought him a DVD. He's good now. :) 
     Not saying you should do any of this just letting you know you are not alone. My sis is a nurse and none of these were her first choice but they couldn't go on that way.
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