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Aww 1 year! & Weaning

I made it!!! Hooray, never thought I would. I am eager to drop my two pumps at work, should I quit cold turkey or 1 at a time? How do I do this? I would like to keep nursing at night and in the am during the transition to cows milk or however long she wants to but seriously want to burn my pump!!!!!!!  How long will it be until I am not engorged? It is going to be so strange to not have to do this every day.
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Re: Aww 1 year! & Weaning

  • Thanks, I can't believe myself!!  I don't really have a goal as far as how long I will BF for, I do hope to have it wrapped up totally in the next month or two though so I can have my body back.  If DD still needs it to sleep I will continue on though.  I can't believe my baby is 1!
  • Congratulations!
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  • Congrats! Good job, mama!

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  • I was down to 1 pump a day by 11ish months, which I'd weaned down gradually from 3 pumps over the course of 3 months. In that last month I began pushing that pump from noon towards the later afternoon, ending around 330 because I picked LO up at 5 and nursed. At a year, I just dropped that final pump and have had no issues nursing just morning, evening, bedtime and occasionally a little extra on the weekend.

    Congratulations on making a year, this is now the easy part!!
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  • Thanks guys!! I am going to push my pump time later today to try to move to 1 pump by tomorrow to see what happens.  I can take actual real lunch breaks again soon that don't involve Netflix and pumping.
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  • Congrats! When I weaned off the pump during the day to cut down to nursing just AM and PM, I was doing two sessions a day. I cut one session cold turkey leaving me with one session left. I started at 20 min for that session, then went down to 18 min the next day, 16 min after that, etc. So I was fully done pumping in less than two weeks. Everyone is different, of course, but I found it helpful to read different experiences when I was doing it myself. GL!

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  • Update: She drank 2 cups of cows milk, in addition to some BM I sent, at daycare yesterday with no issue so I did not bring my pump today! I will go into the wellness room at work and hand express if needed. It was so nice not lugging my big pump bag today!!!! WooHooo! Freedom!!!
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