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Oh the stress!!! (UPDATE)

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So I think it might be my PISA! I'm going to call up customer support. 

I have a Medela Freestyle from my first baby that I use now as my "travel" pump. I'm using it today and got way more output even though I previously found that I got more from my PISA than my Freestyle! Today I pumped 18 ounces again with my Freestyle!

It's that or my schedule... i pumped on a different schedule (out of neccesity) than I usually do. Could that impact output? My second pump was around 2 instead of 12. 

I'm in awe of those of you who EP! This is just so hard! I tried to EP for my first and just couldn't do it for many reasons including that i hate pumping!

The time around, i have been able to BF directly which has helped me last this long. Plus in the beginning i had an oversupply and responded so well to the pump.

NOW I DON"T and it's just so stressful!! I try not to look a the bottles until my timer rings and just now I looked down expected 4-5 ounces to find 2.5!! My heart sank. This is just so stressful!

I eat a lactation cookie everymorning and have started drinking mothers milk tea throughout the day but neither seem to be halping me any right now. I went from pumping 18oz a day in 45 min to 12 in 60 minutes!

I eat enough (i think) and drink plenty of water plus those supplements but i just don't seem to be able to pump as much anymore. 

I can't help but wonder if part of it is because LO drains me more when he drinks in the morning and i never quite recover from that (My first pump is 1-2 ounces less than it used to be). But still... 

Sorry, i know I'm venting but it's really frustrating. Is he a year old yet? I need to hit that one year mark!! (want to hit it and then drop pumping but continue BF'ing...)

If you started fenugreek, how and when did you start it? How much did you take?

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I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 

Re: Oh the stress!!! (UPDATE)

  • Thanks! yea pumping at work and nursing when home with LO. 

    I'll try changing the membrains but they are only a few weeks old. Could any other part fail? The machine itself sounds normal. 

    I'll try watching videos again.... I miss my oversupply!!
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
  • Thanks! I'll try to listen to "hear" holes in the tubing next time. 
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
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  • Thanks! one hour total right now. I've tried power pumping but its hard for me to find time to pump when i'm home. LO will pretty much flip out if i'm not with him for more then 5-10 minutes at a time when home and he still likes to snack every few minutes at home. Maybe i can sneak a few in at work next week.
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
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    I had the same power pumping issue, I snuck in a few sessions during lunch and after DS went to bed, it helped get my supply back up.

    Eta Also if I skip my prenatals my supply drops.

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  • How old is your LO? I hear ya on trying not to focus on your output while pumping. I noticed about 2 months after LO dropped her MOTN feed that my morning supply dropped so I think some of my supply drop at 8 months is due to my body producing less milk overnight. I also wonder if DD is draining me at home in the morning, but I guess we'll never know!

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  • I'm having the same anxiety the last few days at work :( 

    i went from pumping at least 4 ounces total a session to 3. i know it doesn't seem like a big difference but LO gets 4 oz bottles at DC.  so yeah i'm having same anxiety now too...

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  • My LO is 6 months old and yeah i used to wake up VERY full in the morning (even if he nursed at night) but no regardless of hwo many times he wakes up, i'm never quite as full and then he pretty much drains me first thing in the morning.

    So vs. 8 oz in the morning i 4 or 5 (a few times more but it's rare) and that seems to set the tone for the day LOL
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  • Looking at pictures and videos of your baby while you are pumping can help
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  • Ack!! Don't pump for an hour, it so hard on your boobs! I'm sorry it's so stressful right now :(. You sort of max pumping output at about 20 min and pumping beyond that isn't so great. Try a few days of pumping more frequently and staying well hydrated.
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  • Thanks for the tips everyone! And no... I do 3 20 - min pumping sessions. Not one session for 60 minutes :)
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
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