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I'm back! Oopsie story (intro)

Hi Ladies,
Welp, i'm pregnant. I was here a while back (I have a 4 year old son) and i'm back.  My period is super late.  I've been waiting and waiting to test because my cycles have been so screwy over the last few years.  Symptoms: weird but not over the top.  Had some teeny spotting, minimal breast soreness, heart racing and nausea in the am the past few days. No cravings or anything.  I decided I would wait until Friday (day 50) to test. Welp, the effing Klutz that I am I stubbed my foot yesterday hard enough to make it very swollen and hard to move my toes. Went after work to an emergi-med center and lo and behold they couldn't do an xray because the pee test was positive lol.

So here I am.  Not telling anyone until I get to see the dr.  But I figured i'd come here for support. So here I am, the gimpy limping pregnant lady ;) Hi ladies! 

Re: I'm back! Oopsie story (intro)

  • Congrats and welcome to first tri!

  • Welcome and congratulations!

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  • Welcome and congrats. I was here 4 years ago too. They have month boards now so once you find your due date join one. Its a closer knit community than hangin out in first tri :)
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  • Congratulations!!

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  • congrats!! :-bd
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