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3 am hunger pains!!!

Ok, so who wakes up at like 3 am because they are hungry?? I can't be the only one, right? My question is what are you eating at this time? I have been making myself a bowl of cereal and then going back to bed. I know breakfast food is easiest on your stomach, especially late at night but I'm just wondering what ya'll are doing????

Re: 3 am hunger pains!!!

  • I was a huge glass of milk and piece of peanut butter toast eater.
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  • I craved nothing but crackers and cheese for my midnight snacks. This is the first pregnancy where I've wanted to eat in the middle of the night. It's weird. :)

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  • I usually eat cereal or a pbj
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  • Thanks for all the tips, ladies! I really appreciate it. I've tried something right before bed but heartburn has been atrocious with this pregnancy. I didn't have it last time but it was pretty bad with the twins, too. I think the pb&j might be a good alternative to the bowl of cereal. I can even make it up before going to bed and put it in a little baggie. I know that even a half of sandwich will probably be enough. I don't want to eat too much bc, like I said, the heartburn has been brutal.

    God bless! 
  • PB on toast and a glass of milk - protein and it filled me right up and kept me full.  I'd usually eat this at like 1030/11pm before bed and it cut out those late nights for the most part (not totally, but somewhat).
  • I remember this! I would wake up so freakin hungry, my stomach felt like it was eating itself. Unfortunately my extreme fatigue won the battle and I never got up to eat...
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  • Hunger pangs. 
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