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DD's party invitations

We are having DD's birthday party at the park this year and we are planning on renting a Ramada. We are waiting for the extra check to come in at the end of the month to do so, but I just realized its the end of August and we are planning her party for the 20th. Should I send out invitations without the Ramada number and call everybody when we get one or wait to send them?

Re: DD's party invitations

  • It's a covered picnic table area. Some of them have BBQ's. If you don't rent them someone else can barge in on your table.

    I just wanted to make sure it isn't tacky if I sent them without the number.
  • In my opinion, no not at all tacky. I would send invites now so people can get it on their calendars and then call/text/Facebook the number later.

    Or out a sign in the parking lot, park entrance or an area that people would have to pass on the way in that says "DD Bday party - pavilion #3".
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  • I would definately send them.  Maybe you could do something like "Look for the Ramada with the pink balloons!"
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  • I totally thought you meant Ramada Inn and was thinking you were going way overboard lol
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  • @PaintTheAir @itsmeally LOL oh no. Just a picnic table.

    @jcwinsto That's a good idea. We will be at a smaller park now so easier to find especially with balloons.
  • Lol DD is turning 2!! I can't believe she's going to be 2!
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