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gift for 3 yr old girl with older sister

My kids are 5 and I find that I cannot remember what they were into more than 1 birthday ago!!!! Need a gift (preferably from Target , B&N or a local boutique type store so I can give gift receipt they can use) for a girl turning 3 who has an older sister & therefore probably most of the typical stuff. I know they're maxed out on art supplies & have tons of books though I might throw a book in there.  She's not totally girly girl so it is pretty open but I'm still finding myself at a loss...

Re: gift for 3 yr old girl with older sister

  • Maybe a board game?  Pretend play stuff: doctor's kit, dress up, etc. is good too.  Something from Melissa and Doug--lacing card, beads, cutting toys?
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  • If they have photos online of their family, or if you have some of them. Maybe a photopuzzle? Shutterfly has them for as few as 60 pieces, so yes a bit much for someone just turning three, but it could be endless fun in the coming years, especially with an older sister. I think Walmart and Snapfish do them too.
    Maybe an admission ticket to a local museum, aquarium?
    A movie night bucket - movie, popcorn, blanket, pajamas, etc
    Do they have pets? Maybe a fish in a bowl and the necessities to car for it.


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  • Thanks all! Have only one day to shop soooo.... I think I'll try a game suitable for 3 yr olds, maybe they don't have them all.
  • Art supplies or a craft kit that would be do-able for a younger preschooler?
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  • I like those magnetic dress up dolls
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  • I like those magnetic dress up dolls

    This is what I was going to suggest as well! It's my go to 3 year old girl gift!
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