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Tubes and chronic sinus infections

My pediatrician recommended that we take our 17 month old (16 months at the time of 1st visit) to the ENT for recurring sinus infections.  The ENT mentioned that LO had fluid in both ears and would likely need tubes if he still had fluid during his 1 month follow up.  The follow up is Friday, and I am pretty sure he will have fluid in his ears, as he currently has ANOTHER sinus infection.

Has anyone seen a decrease in sinus infections with the placement of tubes?  I know there is usually a marked decrease in the number of ear infections, but he hasn't had too much of a problem with those.  I'm going to go forward with tubes if that is what the ENT recommends, as I don't want LO to have a speach delay or set-back, but I am just trying to get a feel for how much I should really expect him to clear up (if at all) sinus wise.


Re: Tubes and chronic sinus infections

  • My DD had 2 ear infections a month since the day she was born. She just turned 1.5yrs old on Saturday. We had tubes places in both ears at the end of September, and I can tell you she has not had 1 ear infection since, nor does she snore anymore. Congestion and runny nose have been at the lowest since she was born. We are fighting a nasty cough but so far the tubes are doing what they should be.
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