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Can anyone recommend a RE?

Hello ladies
My SO and I have been TTC our 1st since November. We are both 40 and have had no success. I am looking into seeing a RE just to make sure all is well, get any necessary tests taken care of and if need be take the next step, Clomid etc.
Have any of you seen one that you would recommend?  We live in Sherman Oaks, so the valley would be preferable but if there's a great one elsewhere we'll definitely travel.

Thank you all in advance
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TTC since December 2013
HSG 9/18/14 = Tubes open but T shaped uterus
IUI #1... 1/6/2015 + 50mg Clomid = BFN
IUI #2... 1/29 & 30/2015 + 50mg Clomid +Tigger +Progesterone = BFN
3/14 BFFP! Natural w/acupuncture & herbs only
EDD = 11/22/15;  No heartbeat = 7/21/15
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Re: Can anyone recommend a RE?

  • Dr. Kelly Baek at California Fertility Partners is a rock star.
    Good luck!

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    I am incredibly in love with Dr. Nurit Winkler at Center for Fertility in Tarzana (pretty close to you).  I actually ended up not needing to start fertility treatment, but she went out of her way to help monitor and support a natural conception (I ovulate very irregularly and she discovered I was about to ovulate when we did a baseline scan to see if I was a good candidate to start clomid).  I actually saw 3 REs in the course of six months and she was the only one who was even more up to date on research than I was (I spent about 100 hours on pubmed looking at various fertility studies).  She was also warm, compassionate and encouraging-- the opposite of the rumors you hear about most doctors!

    Overall, I went to her office about 4x for follow-up blood work and scans before switching to OB and never waited long plus her lab techs/nurses are great and always got back to me with my results quickly.  I also chose her in part because they have great explanations and clear pricing on their website and I am a big fan of transparency. :)

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  • Not in the valley, but Dr. Andy Huang at Reproductive Partners.

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    Me: 37 DH: 38 TTC since 2011 DH normal Dx: DOR (AFC ranges from 6-11; AMH 0.16; FSH 11.9; E2 45) 11/13: 1st IVF converted to IUI due to poor response to high dose antagonist protocol (only 3 follies) = BFN 12/13: IUI #2 letrozole + Bravelle = BFP, beta #1 156, beta #2 196 (diff. lab), beta #3 1037; 1st ultrasound @ 5 wks 1 day = 6 mm gest sac; 2nd ultrasound 6 wks 1 day = tiny flickering heartbeat; 3rd ultrasound 7 wks 1 day 10.3 mm embie growing away! 

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  • Dr tourgeman at Huntington reproductive on ventura is awesome such a good guy and even better dr. No god complex. Really up on the studies and wants to succeed
  • I second Andy Huang at Reproductive Partners.
  • Greg Rosen or Andy Huang at Reprosuctive Partners. They're amazing!!!!
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