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So, I must be behind the times.

My parents just received a wedding invitation for a wedding this saturday. Only, they are not invited. The bride is the daughter of my parents longtime friends. The invite was accompanied by a letter explaining why they were not invited and how the bride wishes they could have fit my parents onto the guest list. The invite was sent as a keepsake. Is this a thing now? I do not think this is okay.

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Re: So, I must be behind the times.

  • ^See, I don't think it's probably her. I think the parents are likely the ones responsible for this most shitty of olive branches.
  • Purple&7 said:
    I would write "Return to Sender" on it.
    Brilliant. Seriously, what the hell is that shit?
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  • Umm. . . wow. That is absolutely ridiculous. I wonder how many "non invites" were sent out? 
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  • Um, wat? I have never, ever heard of this. Hopefully I never do IRL.
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  • What the fuckity fuck is this fuckery?
    Almost word for word what went thru my head when I read the OP. 
  • Well isn't she just lovely....

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  • This is foul.
  • Woah, I was almost hoping that this was a one off thing. Cannot believe this has become a trend.

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  • fostersstudiofostersstudio member
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    Wow. I've never heard of such a thing. How totally rude.

  • HAHAHHA this actually made me laugh out loud at my desk. 

    A keepsake to remember the burn of not being invited to the wedding of someone you have known for a very long time. Sounds like a total gift grab. "We are getting married, you can't come to the wedding but here is our return address just in case you need it for anything...."
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  • Hell no that's not ok!
  • This sounds like a mean girl something some horrible person would do just to be an asshole!!!!! I can't believe someone would send an invitation....with a note attached that informed them they weren't invited?!?!?!?! Screw that. If I ever get one of those I would return to sender.
  • I'm offended and disgusted.
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  • marthah05marthah05 member
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    This is not only rude, but quite presumptuous that your parents would like a keepsake from someone's wedding other than their child.

    I would show up, for the church as well as the reception, since there is always plenty of food and drinks anyway, with no gift in hand because I wasn't invited, so why should I present you with a gift.
  • I have a very good friend who sent me a save the date, and will be sending me an invite even though he and his fiancé both know we can't come (cross country a week after EDD). I told him I wanted them.

    Other than situations like that? No.
  • Rude! The only invites I sent out to my wedding were to people who were actually INVITED! Can't even begin to fathom who the hell came up with this brilliant idea... *eye roll*
  • This is fucked!
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    Ladies this is from almost a year ago...
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