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IVF Sliding Scale and Loans


 I am going to IVF Florida for my second appointment on the 26th. I had my first appoinment in July but was sent for a HSG....... now that everythign is complete I am ready for the next step. I am nervous about hearing the cost amount for everything. While I am prepare to hear a large number I dont think we are every really ready to hear that information. I have been told that IVF Floirda offers a sliding scale rate. Does anyone know exactly what this means? Does any one have experience with this office as to what exactly it is based on? Also, did anyone use any loans such as Capexmd or United Medical? Any other information you may have would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Re: IVF Sliding Scale and Loans

  • I just noticed all my typing errors. Please forgive this teacher as today was the first day back to work.


  • If you're still wondering....I went to IVF Florida. They're sliding scale didn't apply to us bc we had two incomes at the time. But, we did the Attain Program with a loan from CapExMD.


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  • Thank for response. I am also a pt. there and they do have sliding scale which has been great.
    Best of luck to you
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